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Ebata Risa

江端 里沙

Ebata Risa江端 里沙
Ebata Risa江端 里紗
Ehime Mikan愛姫 みかん
Ehime Mikan愛媛 みかん
Sai Tamako彩 珠子
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Ebata Risa is a Japanese animator, artist, and character designer. She joined Silence, right out of high school, in 1996, making her debut as an in-between animator on Viper-BTR. She worked on several more titles from Silence, mainly for their adult brand Sogna.

When Silence went bankrupt she joined Oobari Masami's animation studio Studio G-1Neo. She also worked for Yui Koubou for a short time. Nowadays she works for the animation studio Satelight, where she is best known for her work on Macross F.

Credits (30)

Viper-BTR ~Mahou no Tobakushi Totokaru Chomi~1996-07-05ArtistKomusumeAnimation
Viper-CTR ~Asuka~1997-01-24ArtistKomusumeAnimation
Exciting Milk Dai 2 Wa1997ArtistEbata RisaAnimation
Viper-GTB ~Rise After~1999-12-22ArtistEhime Mikan
Viper-GT1 ~Akira-kun to Issho~2000-08-31ArtistEhime Mikan
Viper-GT1 ~Akira-kun to Issho~2000-08-31StaffEhime MikanAnimation director
Typing Viper2001-06-22ArtistEhime Mikan
Viper-RSR2002-07-31ArtistEhime Mikan
Viper-M3-3.22002-12-20Character designEhime Mikan
Viper-M3-3.22002-12-20StaffEhime MikanAnimation director
Love Fetish ~Tekoki Hen~2004-03-26Character designSai Tamako
Love Fetish ~Tekoki Hen~2004-03-26StaffSai TamakoAnimation director
Love Fetish ~Paizuri Hen~2004-05-14Character designSai Tamako
Love Fetish ~Paizuri Hen~2004-05-14StaffSai TamakoAnimation director
Love Fetish ~Nozoki Onani Hen~2004-05-28Character designSai Tamako
Love Fetish ~Nozoki Onani Hen~2004-05-28StaffSai TamakoAnimation director
Love Fetish ~Ashi Fetish Ashikoki Hen~2004-06-25Character designSai Tamako
Love Fetish ~Ashi Fetish Ashikoki Hen~2004-06-25StaffSai TamakoAnimation director
Love Fetish ~Fellatio Hen~2004-07-30Character designSai Tamako
Love Fetish ~Fellatio Hen~2004-07-30StaffSai TamakoAnimation director
Love Fetish ~Sanshamendan Hen~2004-08-27Character designSai Tamako
Love Fetish ~Sanshamendan Hen~2004-08-27StaffSai TamakoAnimation director
Love Fetish ~Sado Hen~2005-03-25Character designSai Tamako
Love Fetish ~Sado Hen~2005-03-25StaffSai TamakoAnimation director
Love Fetish ~Maso Hen~2005-04-28Character designSai Tamako
Love Fetish ~Maso Hen~2005-04-28StaffSai TamakoAnimation director
GAME S.S.D.S. ~Setsuna no Akogare~2005-05-20Character designEhime Mikan
Love Fetish ~Love Hen~2005-05-27Character designSai Tamako
Love Fetish ~Love Hen~2005-05-27StaffSai TamakoAnimation director