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s789.92015-09-25 at 09:43traumatizerSumita Mariyadesc (source is the jp wiki)
s789.82015-05-15 at 20:49wakaranaiSumita MariyaReverted to revision s789.4 but it's in japanese, so it's use is very limited to say the least. we don't place such links in VNs, producers
s789.72015-05-15 at 20:44savagetigerSumita Mariyabecause if the english wiki is good enough to be a link, but some people are not "famous" enough to have an english article, then the jp wiki is fine
s789.62015-05-15 at 20:36wakaranaiSumita MariyaReverted to revision s789.4 why?
s789.52015-05-15 at 20:28savagetigerSumita Mariyaso add jpwiki in description
s789.42015-05-15 at 16:16wakaranaiSumita Mariyaonly english wiki links are allowed.
s789.32015-05-15 at 15:32mifiozeSumita Mariyalink
s789.22015-05-15 at 15:29mifiozeSumita Mariya.
s789.12015-02-02 at 22:36wakaranaiSumita Mariyaadded seiyuu.