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A Composer for English visual novels.

Credits (13)

Lost Winter NightsunknownComposerMock OffComposer, Sound Designer
Chii's Adventure!2012-06-11ComposerMock Off
Tunnel Vision2014-09-05ComposerMock Off
Sword of Asumi2015-01-08ComposerMock OffContributed a song to the game.
Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet2015-10-31ComposerMock Off
Sickness2016-01-20ComposerMock Off
Date Treat2016-04-01ComposerMock Off"The Witch's Nyan" from Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet
Sweetest Monster2017-02-06ComposerMock Off
Where the Sun Always Shines2017-03-29ComposerMock Off
AIdol: Artificial Intelligence Idol2018-04-23ComposerMock Off
Without Romance2020-08-26ComposerMock Off
Heart Fragment2021-07-30ComposerMock Off
Reach for the StarsTBAComposerMock Off