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s833.82018-12-01 at 22:47wakaranaiGotou Yuukoalias (link)
s833.72017-08-11 at 09:28shinnewGotou YuukoReverted to revision s833.5 Misspelling of "籐野 らん" not used in official credits. Was linked to c3167, official website credit: link "CV:籐野らん"
s833.62017-02-02 at 10:01nekonekogirlGotou Yuukonew alias
s833.52015-06-29 at 15:10wakaranaiGotou YuukoReverted to revision s833.3 removed aliases not used in VN production or not possible to link at VNDB.
s833.42015-06-29 at 06:02hotsushi-kunGotou Yuukoadded alias link:link
s833.32015-05-01 at 04:43wakaranaiGotou Yuukoadded alias.
s833.22015-02-27 at 12:47nutellafanGotou YuukoAdded disambiguation notes.
s833.12015-02-03 at 08:21nutellafanGotou YuukoAddd seiyuu. All aliases have been checked for relevance before adding.