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Hayakari Takeshi

早狩 武志

Hayakari Takeshi早狩 武志
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Hayakari Takashi is a Japanese scenario writer. He has a doujin circle called "Life System", and uses the pen name "Kurihara Shigeru (栗原 繁)" when working on Life System projects.

Credits (13)

Boku to, Bokura no Natsu2002-02-01ScenarioHayakari Takeshi
Boku to, Bokura no Natsu2002-02-01StaffHayakari TakeshiPlanning, draft
Gunjou no Sora o Koete2005-09-30ScenarioHayakari Takeshi
Gunjou no Sora o Koete2005-09-30StaffHayakari TakeshiPlanning, draft
Shiokaze no Kieru Umi ni2007-01-26ScenarioHayakari Takeshi
Shiokaze no Kieru Umi ni2007-01-26StaffHayakari TakeshiPlanning, draft
Narcissu 3rd -Die Dritte Welt-2009-04-27ScenarioHayakari TakeshiChapter "Messiah"
Koi de wa Naku - It's Not Love, but so Where Near.2011-05-27ScenarioHayakari Takeshi
Koi de wa Naku - It's Not Love, but so Where Near.2011-05-27StaffHayakari TakeshiPlanning, draft
Yukiiro ~Sora ni Rokka no Sumu Machi~2012-04-27ScenarioHayakari TakeshiKina route
Marrybell wa Shinda to Papa ni Tsutaete2015-02-27ScenarioHayakari Takeshi
Marrybell wa Shinda to Papa ni Tsutaete2015-02-27StaffHayakari TakeshiPlanning
Love, Vampire Flowers2015-05-29ScenarioHayakari Takeshi