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s874.132019-06-07 at 02:27sakuhanachanOkamoto Rielink
s874.122019-05-31 at 15:23sakuhanachanOkamoto Rieoops......
s874.112019-05-31 at 15:23sakuhanachanOkamoto Rielink link
s874.102018-08-14 at 08:59chipp12Okamoto Rie...
s874.92018-04-14 at 16:55beliarOkamoto RieReverted to revision s874.7 damn, i was blind. they are already here
s874.82018-04-14 at 16:55beliarOkamoto Riealiases
s874.72018-04-14 at 05:07z-411Okamoto RieAdded two aliases, source: link
s874.62018-01-09 at 14:34sakuhanachanOkamoto Rie..
s874.52016-07-16 at 00:41z-411Okamoto RieShe uses Sarah officially
s874.42016-07-09 at 12:13traumatizerOkamoto Riealias link
s874.32015-09-17 at 13:37traumatizerOkamoto Riedesc
s874.22015-03-11 at 03:18nutellafanOkamoto RieEdited to "real" name after this discussion: t6144/10#237
s874.12015-02-03 at 10:56wakaranaiAyumi Saraadded seiyuu.