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Sergey Eybog

Сергей Ейбог

Sergey EybogСергей Ейбог
Lesser Vibes
Silent owl
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Sergey Eybog is a music composer and sound designer engaged in post-production audio for computer games and various media. He was born in Ust-Ilimsk, Russia on February 11th, 1981.
UVAO Forever2010-01-16ComposerSergey Eybog
Zimnjaja Skazka2010-12-30ComposerSergey Eybog
Beskonechnoe leto2013-11-05ComposerSergey Eybog
Beskonechnoe leto2013-11-05StaffSergey EybogSound
Na kraju sveta2015-09-29ComposerSergey Eybog
Winter Novel2016-08-10ComposerSergey Eybog
V poiskah Vlada2016-09-17ComposerSergey Eybog
Inoplanetjanka 1 episode2017-07-01StaffSergey Eybogsfx
UVAO Project 2017 Rebuild2017-12-29ComposerSergey Eybog
EONTBAComposerSergey Eybog
EONTBAStaffSergey EybogSound Director