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Wyatt Abernathie

Wyatt Abernathie
Syon Santeria
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Voice Director and Writer for Alienworks and Studio √Član. Previously employed at Studio Coattails.

Credits (19)

Highway Blossoms2016-06-17ScenarioSyon SanteriaScenario/Writer
Highway Blossoms2016-06-17DirectorSyon Santeria
Hard Work2018-09-14EditorSyon Santeria
TARANORMAL2018-10-31StaffWyatt AbernathieVoice Direction
Heart of the Woods2019-02-15StaffWyatt AbernathieVoice Casting and Direction
National Park Girls2019-03-14ScenarioSyon SanteriaEpisode 1-4
National Park Girls2019-03-14VocalsWyatt AbernathieInsert song "50 States of Impermanence"
National Park Girls2019-03-14DirectorSyon Santeria
First Snow2020-08-19StaffWyatt AbernathieVoice Over and Casting Director
Highway Blossoms: Next Exit2020-09-25ScenarioSyon Santeria
Highway Blossoms: Next Exit2020-09-25DirectorSyon Santeria
Highway Blossoms: Next Exit2020-09-25StaffWyatt AbernathieVoice Over and Casting Director
Please Be Happy2022-11-21StaffWyatt AbernathieVoice director
Queen Beast2022-12-06EditorSyon
Queen Beast2022-12-06Quality assuranceSyon
Summer at the Edge of the Universe2025ScenarioWyatt AbernathieIzzy route
Summer at the Edge of the Universe2025StaffWyatt AbernathieVoice Director
The Human Reignition ProjectTBAScenarioSyonSetsuna

Voiced characters (2)

National Park Girls2019-03-14PupSyon Santeria
National Park Girls2019-03-14RussWyatt Abernathie