How to solve システムデータのロードに失敗しました

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#1 by dellzz
2017-12-13 at 07:02
So I just recently installed Baku Ane, but when I tried to play it I got an error message which said システムデータのロードに失敗しました, translated to "Failed to load system data".

Now I finally got it to work, so I'd like to share what I did. TBH though I don't know which one is the correct solution, because I did all three before I tried opening the game again.

Solution 1 : This solution has been mentioned by the thread below, change your date/time format to Japanese. You could do this from Control Panel > Clock, Language, Region > Change date, time, or number formats > Change Format to Japanese (Japan)

Solution 2 : Download the latest start.exe for Baku Ane from here, and replace it.

Solution 3 : From the game folder open install.inf, make sure that Current = "the-game-directory" the directory is correct. In my install.inf, the text was Current = "D:\Games\Visual Novel\ばくあね\", but the correct one is Current = "D:\Games\VisualNovel\ばくあね\".
#2 by anasio100
2019-02-25 at 02:01
thanks man that was helpful
#3 by fuukanou
2019-02-25 at 02:04
Solution 1 is what I used to make Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete Snow Presents work after I bought it. I have no clue why but if those time/date/number formats weren't Japanese, the text would be invisible.
#4 by krykry
2019-02-25 at 13:09
The last one is correct in this case. Install.inf was pointing at wrong directory so game.exe couldnt find game files. It clearly says "System data's load has failed".Last modified on 2019-02-25 at 13:10


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