Not running on Windows 10

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#1 by thaiken
2017-12-15 at 09:56
< report >I got a physical copy of the game, installed it normally, but whenever I try to run it, the game window just closes without any error message...
Any suggestions?

Ps: Running on Japanese Windows 10 64bitLast modified on 2017-12-15 at 11:47
#2 by harp
2017-12-15 at 10:38
< report >I've had some minor problems with some games I bought in Japan last time.
For one it was that I lacked an updated patch. I'd recommend just checking the webpage if there's something like that. (My computer refused to access the page so I had to get a IRL friend download a patch for a porn game, go me!)

In another case I had to run the installer in compatibility-mode or whatnot its called. In most cases I have to run the game executable in compatibility-mode.
I'd try reinstalling it, but in compatibility mode. Do note that I cannot guarantee this to work, but I hope it will! Otherwise someone else can probably come up with a better solution.
#3 by thaiken
2017-12-15 at 11:47
< report >Thanks for the fast answer, mate.
I already tried using compatibility mode both when installing and running the game, still no changes.
I tried checking the company's webpage for any patch, but seems like they haven't updated their website for the last years now, and I can't get the 1.01 update patch... though, the patch notes don't say anything regarding the problems I have.

Now, since I was really looking forward to this game, and I happen to know a bit of IT, I managed to run the game in a Japanese Windows XP Virtual Machine.... Had no issues at all.
Looks like there's just no compatibility for Win10, and the RUNE/CAGE won't do anything about it anymore, so.... eh
#4 by teirachan
2017-12-15 at 12:45
< report >the digital copies have updated compatibility-- i've bought quite a few cage games from dmm that didn't work from the package version on win8, and they work fine.
#5 by thaiken
2017-12-15 at 13:19
< report >Interesting...
I'll consider those next time.
Thanks for the info, guys


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