h-scene animation problem

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#1 by randomasocial
2017-12-27 at 23:41
Hi. While playing animated h-scenes, the movement of heroine becomes cut or "suddenly skip a few frames and replay the .gif" or something along these lines (i'm not an expert so i couldn't express it detailed). Is it supposed to be like that or am i doing something wrong? Animations are not smooth like in Boob Wars 2 (note: my sistem isn't on high end but still it's way over recommended)

Edit & update: i solved the problem by uninstalling K-lite codec pack and installing CCCP. By the way, in "advanced graphic section" (like High A,B,C) which one is the highest quality and which one is lowest quality (for more speed)?Last modified on 2017-12-28 at 11:18
#2 by kurairaputa
2017-12-28 at 20:28
Yea i had the same issue, thanks for solving that out.
This didn't work for me however, i already had CCCP and didn't have the K-lite one.
I am not entirely sure what this Advanced graphic section means either.Last modified on 2017-12-28 at 20:41
#3 by rude
2018-01-22 at 16:08
On the Advanced Graphic Settings seems to be a preference on how it "looks" might be the aim such as the line art being smooth to sharp pixelated "look" in addition to the flow of the animation my guess is those are in parenthesis?

1) Low (GPU PS... [NSFW link]
Might depend on GPU card? Bit Blurry visually, animation is smooth

The rest below don't look much different from one another but sharper then Low GPU, might be different based on the animation.
2) High S (CPU Low... [NSFW link]
3) Middle (CPU Middle... [NSFW link]
4) Low (CPU High... [NSFW link]

The "Not allowed resize (Top Speed)" [NSFW link] might be the best overall as the game's default for lower end PC's as it stays at 1280x720 and cannot be resized. The intent seems to be the higher the resolution along with choosing one of the top two (GPU/CPU Low) it'll use more processing power to maintain that visual plus animation flow that ones PC can handle and it definitely showed that under task manager but it wasn't by much. I mustn't forget that I also had High Quality Scaling set to "On".

About the animation issue I too had that problem. The culprit seems to be LAV itself both x86 and x64 causes this and disabling just MPEG format in LAV splitter didn't work for me. The cause seems to be during the installation process when choosing the components linked to LAV (somebody who knows how may want to let the LAV developers know if it's at their end, anyways) simply don't choose anything for LAV as for the other codecs there's no issues. I only tested this with k-lite's 13.7.5 mega and 13.7.8 upgrade versions and LAV filters 70.2. This may work for other codec installers and with CCCP but that one is very out of date. I still installed LAV filters from k-lite as that is my main codec of choice and had no issue simply deselect everything as mentioned before especially if you want to use them for video playback for later but you'll have to manually configure them in your chosen player.

If MPC-HC is your video player choice may want to save the settings via .ini file under option, save it elsewhere then uninstall k-lite and install it as usual then when done place the .ini to the MPC folder and the settings should remain as before when LAV was selected. That's what I did.Last modified on 2018-01-23 at 06:47
#4 by rude
2018-02-07 at 14:29
Just an update on the animation issue. The culprit is MPEG-PS and not LAV as previously stated at least on k-lite mega pack 13.8.0 this is the case as I was able to install all LAV filters excluded the mentioned and no animation issues.

Simply deselect this under the DirectShow filters during installation and that's it. If you have k-lite installed uninstall and install as this is system wide issue used by windows.

I can't help with other codec packs but let others know it is MPEG-PS at least when using k-lite
#5 by cockblockula
2018-02-08 at 15:28
@3 I think all the links are broken
#6 by rude
2018-05-01 at 17:27
I can't edit the post anymore. The image hosting have changed their address extension. Change .org to .cc and it should display.
#7 by noxas
2020-01-15 at 11:43
Hey rude, i'm having the same problem but i didn't have any of these coders before tried using k-lite and nothin really changed. it got worse when i toggled MPEG-PS off. I'd appreciate the help.


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