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#1 by loequality
2017-12-28 at 12:33
Those that have played through Kukuri's route might notice some... inconsistencies in regards to what she says and her (supposed) history, which don't seem to add up. But they actually... might?

Spoilers(?) for Kukuri's route ahead.

To begin...

-Kukuri is half vampire/succubus.
-She is a grown woman, albeit of unknown age.
-When she first meets Taisuke, she explains that as a vampire/succubus she can get nourishment from both blood and semen.
-She can get said nourishment via either hole; just so long as it enters her body.
-She further explains that she much prefers semen over blood, hence her actions in Taisuke's fathers study.
-Despite being half succubus, she is actually a virgin when the story begins.
-In an offhand comment in the epilogue, she mentions that she has never actually had any semen but Taisuke's in her mouth.

But wait... how could she have known that she prefers semen over blood if she's never tasted it before meeting Taisuke? Did she get it via the 'other hole'? But she's a virgin; how could she have? Did she actually never consume semen before meeting Taisuke, and only persisted by consuming blood? After all, she's a grown woman; she had to get nourishment from somewhere and if she never consumed semen then her nourishment had to be. Unless she actually did consume semen other than Taisuke's, in which case...

Judging by THIS train of thought, Kukuri was either lying about preferring semen at the start of the game, or was lying about having only ever had Taisuke's semen in the epilogue of her route.

But perhaps that's not the way it is...

Let's still assume that all of the above is true. Kukuri was not lying at the start of the game that semen was her favorite food, and she was not lying that Taisuke's semen was the only semen she had ever tasted.

This means that, until meeting Taisuke, she had only ever subsisted on blood. As befitting her vampire nature, that was all she consumed. Her actions upon waking up fit with this; the first thing she did was certainly vampiric enough: she attacked Taisuke and sucked his blood. She even mentions that, were she a full vampire, she would have drained his blood entirely, and it was only because she was half succubus that she didn't and Taisuke's life was spared (if altered).

Why did she stop, though? Her succubus side had apparently never stopped her before; if it had, she would have had experience with semen other than Taisuke's. It is because of Taisuke's semen. She smelled it, and (as she explains in the epilogue) she felt just had to have it - even having never once had semen before.

Imagine of when you smell a new food cooking in a restaurant or kitchen. Sometimes you think 'Damn, that smells good! I bet its delicious!' without ever even having tasted it. Seemingly, this was what happened with Kukuri. She woke up and due to her vampiric nature and her prior history of only having consumed blood, her immediate response was to bite Taisuke and suck his blood. But then, as she sucked on him, her succubus half noticed the special scent of his semen and thought (apparently for the first time) 'Wow, the semen of this person smells really good; I have to try it!' and so she stopped sucking his blood and instead switched to his dick, and thus gets her first taste of semen and confirms what she had always expected as a half succubus/vampire - that she likes semen more than blood.

This might fit with what Kukuri tells Taisuke on the beach. On the beach, Kukuri admits to Taisuke that she always loved him, "from the very beginning". Ergo, ever since she first saw him. While love at first sight is a nice concept, it does not much fit with Kukuri's character, knowledge, or treatment of Taisuke at the beginning of the game. ...What if the love that she felt when she first saw him was not love like a person feels to someone dear to them, but a love like someone feels to their favorite food? Like, love of a food source. Love like wolves feels towards deer. She loved him since the very beginning, but at the very beginning it wasn't a romantic love, it was a 'You are the best food I have ever tasted' love.

...This actually fits with the other things that Kukuri says.

Before the wave hits them on the beach, Kukuri mentions that her meeting with Taisuke changed how she viewed humans. Specifically, she mentions Taisuke's initial reaction to her, how Taisuke wasn't afraid of her when she appeared before him in the study. She said that it 'was such a different reaction', which means that she had similar experiences in the past. She had been in similar situations, and the reactions she had received then were different than Taisuke's. If that's the case, then whose reactions were these? Well, she's half vampire, and until meeting Taisuke, her only source of nourishment was blood... perhaps the reactions were from people she had gotten blood from in the past. After all, her nourishment had to come from somewhere. Had to come from someone.

At any rate, Taisuke's unscared reaction was different enough that it piqued Kukuri's interest and caused her to begin to question her view of humans (which apparently hadn't been very high?- in her words "Humans, huh? I wonder if they can't actually be pretty interesting?"). And so she gives Taisuke a chance. She stops preying on him and they begin to talk together. And then she talks to Ena, and Konoha (Kukuri: "I was actually able to talk to you, and to Konoha and Ena, too"), and it is via these relationships that her view of humans changes, that she realizes there IS more to humans than her vampire notions had lead her to believe, that humans are not just for food.

If this is the case, then it also might give a different meaning to her other words on the beach. When explaining why she and Taisuke can't be together, Kukuri says that it's because vampires are 'too frightening' and that there is no place for them in the human world. Taisuke interprets this to mean that Kukuri thinks humans would view a vampire as frightening and thus refuse to live with them, but that may not have been the meaning Kukuri was implying. What if Kukuri meant that Vampires are quite literally too frightening to humans - too frightening to human life?

Kukuri knows that Vampires would only ever view humans as food, and would never give them the benefit of the doubt to prove they were otherwise (like Kukuri's succubus side had allowed her when she opted not to kill him outright, as per usual vampire custom, and instead let him live so she could try his semen). Read in this manner, Kukuri's doubts on the beach about humans and vampires living together are perhaps less about whether humans could permit themselves to co-exist with vampires, but whether vampires could permit themselves to co-exist with humans. She initially doubts it, and that's why she feels like the world as it is would be better off without vampires - not for vampires' sake, but for humanity's.

This MIGHT actually be better fitting with the story as well; after all, when in Kukuri's route does she ever see how humans view vampires in the modern age? When does she learn about how intolerant humans can be towards those not like themselves? Despite being so clearly different, she is very welcomed in Taisuke's town and in Japan; so where does the sense(according to Taisuke's interpretation of her reasoning) that humans would exclude her come from? It seems more fitting that she would know about vampire society, and how vampires would react to humans if re-introduced into the modern age.


...Or it all could just be overlooked plotholes on Swaneye's part and I should stop thinking so deeply about a visual novel.
#2 by conduit
2018-01-02 at 10:15
Thanks for translating this title, LQ.Last modified on 2018-01-02 at 11:41
#3 by tomoya-okazaki
2018-07-07 at 13:18
This actually makes sense.We don't know her age so maybe the last time she came earth it was an era which people were hunting vampires.Because of that she was reluctant at first.Also I remember Taisuke mentions medieval methods for getting rid of vampires when she first came into his room.
#4 by loequality
2018-10-15 at 06:29
More thinking, after finishing translating Ena's route and going through her epilogue. From the Translation notes:

"as much as Ena's route is focused on the effect of Ena
and Taisuke's relationship on Konoha and their interaction
together, it never once mentions the effect of it on Ena's
husband, Taisuke and Konoha's father. Aside from being briefly
mentioned when Ena explains where she got her vampire bite, the
man does not appear in her route at all and he is not mentioned
at all in Ena's epilogue. By anyone. Presumably, he IS still
alive, since Taisuke explains at the start of the game that he
is away from Japan, on an extended business trip abroad, though
it's never explained just what is doing or where he is doing it.
Considering the man's interests and history, this extended
business trip might not be quite what it seems...

Consider this:
-It's explained that Taisuke's father has a vested interest in
the occult, to the point where he assembled a small library of
books and items on occult topics.

-The man was literally bitten by a vampire (who we can assume to
be Kukuri, considering the effect her bite had on him), and has
managed to live with the effects of it for years.

-Assuming it was Kukuri, that means that at some point, he had
to somehow have bested her: not only was Kukuri stuck sleeping
in a book for years, said book was literally sealed by chains.
While Kukuri does not have super intellect by any means, she
does have super strength, which Taisuke's father probably would
have had to contend with when being bitten. Kukuri explains in
her route that vampires, by and large, tend to suck ALL of the
blood out of a person when they're bitten, and it was pretty
much the smell of Taisuke's semen that stopped her from doing it
to him, too. Considering that Taisuke's semen was the first
semen she had ever tasted, it can be assumed that the scent of
Taisuke's father's semen had NOT been enough to get her to stop
biting him after she had starter, or, if it had been enough to
get her to stop, then he had somehow managed to stop Kukuri
before she could take advantage of him. Either way, somehow
Taisuke's father managed to be bitten by Kukuri and not be
sucked entirely dry by her, and was not exploited by her. Not
only that, but after being bitten he managed to somehow get
Kukuri to go to sleep. Inside of a (magic) book.

-Not only was Kukuri's book magical, the chains binding it also
seemed to be magical, judging by the way they broke apart.
Normal iron doesn't fall the pieces on its own, and Kukuri did
not conciously break them open herself - she had been asleep the
entire time, and only woke up because Taisuke inadvertantly got
his blood on one of the pages of the book AFTER the chains broke
apart and Taisuke opened it.

So in summary... we can assume that Taisuke father collects info
about the occult, encounters vampires (or at least, encounters a
half vampire/half succubus) and manages to survive, knows how
use magic and/or magical items, and disappears for years at a
time to parts unknown, leaving his family safely behind in far
off Japan. Is he, like, Japan's Van Helsing? Where's /his/ game?"


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