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#1 by saggz
2018-01-02 at 01:11
Just wanted to let people know, if you're like me and hate playing as pathetic protagonists, I would avoid this visual novel. The protagonist is extremely pathetic. I stopped playing after about an hour because I couldn't stomach how pathetic Hiroshi was.
#2 by asaki
2018-01-02 at 01:30
Seeing that you always complain about pathetic protagonist in most VNs that you played, I would say that you make a good call there. Although I'll praise you more though if you came here to say that you give up to play VNs altogether, because more or less the VNs protagonist was like something that you called pathetic.
#3 by saggz
2018-01-02 at 03:34
It's a shame because the girls in this are cute and the art is nice but I just can't enjoy playing as someone who is completely pathetic, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
#4 by blackmagic
2018-01-02 at 04:18
this guy is awesome
#5 by sakurakoi
2018-01-02 at 09:00
Would you actually mind to tell how he is "extremely pathetic"?

For I sure played some much more and I do not really see anything in the first hour that would make him seem that way unless... well, if you had at least one example.

Seeing that you always complain about pathetic protagonist in most VNs that you played, I would say that you make a good call there.
that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and I seriously hope that this is a Poe

It's a shame because the girls in this are cute
I rather no comment on that until you actually give at least one example... or rather more than just one for getting hang up on one "I disagree with the protagonist" shows an utter lack of empathy&unable to judge someone as "pathetic"

this guy is awesome
and certainly deserves being called proactive if not brave even, and (closet) pervert. I am a little after he saved no-pan Kumi and summer break started in Ai's route and he sure showed (off) how awesome he is, plenty of times.

The qualms I have with this work rather lie elsewhere, Ai is fine and I can see how Renna can redeem herself (sadly, no hook code worked) but Maki, I doubt that she can imho. About Saeko: I'd actually be tempted to also be at her "beck&call", considering the massages~ (I really hate that the current Zeitgeist is all about helping other people, by making other people help those while oneself is doing neigh).

You are free to have your own opinion but (not) recommending something without actually giving examples so that people can judge themselves is NG.
#6 by kazeno
2018-01-02 at 13:45
I know that is good to just throw this with no context or explanation at all and expect people to understand but...

I can't see what is pathetic about Hiroshi.
He interacts very well and calmly even with all these delinquent characters so he is not the chicken-hearted type. He is outgoing, serious, reliable and proactive. Absolutely the opposite of what I consider pathetic.
If your only reason for this is that his personality is rather normal compared to all these delinquent characters, this reason itself is pathetic.

Furthermore, an hour in VN as long as this is not even the tip of the iceberg. Even so, he doesn't give an air of pathetic personality even from the start so I don't get what you are talking about.Last modified on 2018-01-02 at 13:55
#7 by siliparion
2018-01-02 at 13:54
OP seems to label "pathetic" any protagonist who isn't a nail-chewing badass oozing testosterone. He's pretty much a troll.
#8 by [deleted]
2018-01-02 at 14:10
More importantly, seeing as 2 main routes of this VN and the common route are translated with only 1 route left, I take it it's already in a playable state? what I mean is, there's already a ton of content available, yes? I'm picky with partial patches. I don't like using them if I'll end up with a feeling of "wanting more".Last modified on 2018-01-02 at 14:12
#9 by praxis
2018-01-02 at 23:48
The protagonist is just fine. He is normal compared to heroines (just like many other VN). Just normal high school MC with the standard set of traits. Not pathetic for sure.

Maybe OP has a high standard for self-insert.
#10 by sakurakoi
2018-01-03 at 00:53
Just normal high school MC with the standard set of traits
Just finished Ai's route (+wondering when the epilogue will actually end...) and his parameters are rather high I'd say, not many "kind" VN characters are actually and so altruistic. Proactive and popular others may be as well but his "Homemaker who loves all and loves to serve" stat is quite incredible but also fitting for the VN.

It's just a little sad how, welp.... (the heroines) but anyway what me pisses off about him is his face or rather actually the art design is just being obnoxious with the eye highlights, more highlight than eye. Also, that stupid smile.
#11 by praxis
2018-01-03 at 02:45
Maybe, but still in the range of standard for me.
(in a good way, and I don't hate him)

Again, I think his design is just fine(standard).
well, he just a protagonist. Not the main attraction, the heroines.
They not gonna put lot of effort into his design process.
#12 by cockblockula
2018-01-03 at 03:21
Ah, the obligatory "I hate the protagonist" thread on an english translated/semi translated game.
#13 by realitymaker
2018-01-03 at 03:34
It's been a while since I've played this, but the one thing that made me sad about Hiroshi (and do correct me if I'm mistaken) is that he broke up with Ai because he couldn't accept her delinquency, despite having sex with her. It felt like, to me at least, that he ran away rather than confronting the issue, even if his whole personality is based around pacifism. Even though they worked it out later, it left a bad taste in my mouth, similar to how the DEEN adaptation of the Fate route, where Shirou runs away from Saber during their date..

Of course, it's good that he gets better throughout the series, as the Fandisc shows how much he's willing to step up once he's used to the whole delinquency thing. Hiroshi isn't a bad protagonist as not all of them needs to be some sort of badass one. He's capable to performing when he needs to, and that is better than what you can say about a lot of other VN protagonists.Last modified on 2018-01-03 at 03:36
#14 by praxis
2018-01-03 at 05:17
From what I remember, it was Ai who wants to break up. Because she doesn't want Hiroshi to get hurt or something like that.

Same, it's been a while. correct me if I am wrong.Last modified on 2018-01-03 at 05:20
#15 by saggz
2018-01-03 at 07:15
utterly pathetic.
#16 by sakurakoi
2018-01-03 at 08:04
and we got a troll here, glad we have that out of the way but anyway...

From what I remember, it was Ai who wants to break up. Because she doesn't want Hiroshi to get hurt or something like that.

Same, it's been a while. correct me if I am wrong.

That's the break-up on the choice stage (so that one kinda has a choice), the one in Ai's route is quite like realitymaker said. Sadly imho it was kinda forced and stupid though. I indeed despise the heroines for utilizing senseless violence and more importantly: The hate between Maki and Ai, utterly forced and making especially look Maki inhuman who without a reason would gladly rampage on a festival just to piss Ai off. She is worse than a feral animal.

I want Hana as heroine... her description is by the by very very wrong, maybe I will fix it later.
#17 by praxis
2018-01-03 at 10:31
well, thanks for the correction.
maybe I should play the VN again.
#18 by molester
2018-01-07 at 09:01
@saggz lol, saying the guy who played Hatsukoi 1/1 [9/10] (the only thing for me that saved this vn was Maya`s route.) where the protag is retarted dense hetare (well, mb not completely, but still...). As for this one, i don`t think you can call him pathetic, i mean he`s altruistic, kind and polite, what`s wrong about that? Or do you want every single protag in vn`s be like in G-senjou or Akatsuki no Goei? I think you just don`t know the definition of word "pathetic", he`s way far from being called that (he`s neither hetare nor coward). I think the best words to describe him are kind and down to earth person, he might be plain and not badass (all the time), but i still think he`s way better than a lot of vn protags., and i can see why girls can actually fall for him because of the way he is!Last modified on 2018-01-07 at 09:05
#19 by saggz
2018-03-22 at 09:29
Everyone's entitled to their own opinion
#20 by pstevo123
2018-03-22 at 14:47
I seen some of these posts and during the prologe I think nope he is a normal MC but once the story starts getting into it he really does become annoying.
#21 by bobjr2000
2018-03-22 at 15:38
He is a nice guy plain and simple. He will have his stupid points done for comedy but he isn't whiny, and usually with his altruist behavior, luck and acquaintances gets out of bad situations most people wouldn't be able to. I say for sex part he is 100% dominant partner. It is in fan disc with Yoiko he gets his shinning moment/man card imo, even if it doesn't make much sense.

for Sakurakoi I don't think Hana is wrong as much as it is vague. She is stronger than most of the faceless Yankees but is weak compared to anyone with a face. It could use a better detail description. Call me strange but I would have loved if Tiara had a route, I think it would have been funny and cute to see some one treat her more like a woman. rather Than Ai just acting awkward despite obviously being one of the hottest girls in town.Last modified on 2018-03-22 at 15:53
#22 by davremedy
2018-03-25 at 04:20
play for 1&2 hours and .......common route was unbearable painful . i will never like this kind of protagonist

finish commonm route . i think this guy have brain defect . probably when someone chop his limb . that guy will stay smiling

the reason bullying and misfortune exist , because someone like him exist
he's lucky because of the setting someone come to protect him . in real world that guy have potentional to bring misfortune to surrounding peopleLast modified on 2018-03-28 at 19:41
#23 by boary
2018-03-26 at 00:25
Hahaha. People get so worked up when someone gives this type of ultimatum opinion that it's funny. I wouldn't go as far as saggz to say that Hiroshi is "utterly pathetic", but he has some characteristics that I dislike.
For example, I absolutely disapprove his idiotic lack of common sense when dealing with Maki when in a relationship with any of the other girls. I mean, come on, if it was the contrary, if it was Ai or Renna interacting with another hot guy, a lot of people would be annoyed. He is not a "netorareish" character. It's just an annoying and no funny lack of common sense. In my opinion.
#24 by bobjr2000
2018-04-03 at 22:45
#22 I would say that is bit harsh view saying people like him are reason for bullying and misfortune. Take out the crazy yankees trying to take over town and he is a normal guy. Says hi to his neighbor occasional helps people out, avg student. In real world he probably lives in a small town with normal business job. Not to mention he lives in japan which is not known for high crime rate. He goes and lives maybe a bland life with nothing exciting happening. If he lived in real dangerous city than ya his attitude could get him and others in trouble instead of teens just constantly playing sharks and jets.
#25 by protator
2018-05-03 at 18:06
It seems some people here have forgotten how brainwashed the japanese are in regards to young ppls standing in society and authority figures of any kind.
As a european I cannot imagine a teenager who'd break up with their lover just because a parent tells them to...or sh1thead student coucil members not getting their faces broken behind the gym to deflate their egos
(if there's a stundent council to begin with). But in jap. VNs such scenarios are completely normal and the protag and their love interest are expected to take the punches with a smile because their oppositions footing is one millimeter higher on the social ladder.
Readers are expected to think of these things as normal and to feel better about themselves when a fictional character is even more spineless than they are.
I just facepalmed my way through "Hatsukoi" recently ... this protag isn't so bad in compasison. Though still an idiot, no doubt.
Imo the stories structure and the writing/characterisation of the two sub-heroines are bigger issues. A violent mad woman and a manipulative b1tch ... that's all they are throughout the (too long) common route and the main girls route, and no sane person would ... well, whatever. Wrong thread for that topic. Sweet-girl-Ex-Machina to this extend is just plain bad writing and even less realistic than Momoyo creating black holes...is all I'm sayin


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