H scenes with sub characters?

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#1 by kidbuu25
2018-01-04 at 04:59
I haven't played the game yet but basing on the walkthrough there are choices which make you go to H scenes with sub characters and even with other unrelated main heroines in many routes. And even after that the MC still has the ending with the heroine of that route. So I want to ask if this is some kind of NTR or are they trying to make the MC a jerk who would throws away other girls after H with them and still aim for the main girl? Can someone who already played the game answer me? I don't want to waste time on some trashy MC.Last modified on 2018-01-04 at 05:01
#2 by gyakuni
2018-01-05 at 00:14
There's no NTR or the MC being trashy, how this 3P CG works is eventually there will be a point where a heroine/side character that has some sort of connection to the heroine of the current route joins for one H scene. It happens through an accident(walking in on the two characters) or some other circumstances that I won't go into spoiling but it's not bad in any way to hurt the character's impressions. Basically just a little service to the people that like 3P and still have vanilla focus on a single heroine.
#3 by kidbuu25
2018-01-05 at 02:05
Thanks for your reply. I have always loved Saga Planets's games so I'm happy that they didn't fall low enough to make pointless scenario just for the sake of fan service. I will try this game later but I'm a little disappointed that the black hair girl doesn't have her own route but it can't be helped.


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