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#1 by molester
2018-01-09 at 15:45
It`s only few days left for MangaGamer`s realese, so i was wondering how good is this VN! For me personally i`m quite excited for this one, the art and characters design look gorgeous, synopsis is somewhat intriguing. So for those who already read it, how is writing in this one? Does it have good narratives and maybe some interesting themes? For as far as i know this is 3rdeye`s best work, so i`m looking forward for this read!Last modified on 2018-01-09 at 15:46
#2 by [deleted]
2018-01-12 at 20:06
Seems like this one is not very popular and there's not much info about it in English, so I'm personally going to be waiting a while until I risk its purchase since it's like 40 bucks.

Don't wanna risk paying for it and then it turns out it's not my thing.
#3 by encrypted12345
2018-01-13 at 01:56
I would pirate then pay if you like it. Better than never paying at all.Last modified on 2018-01-13 at 01:56
#4 by hectorp24
2018-01-13 at 02:20
^ That's what I do with all my games
#5 by kiru
2018-01-13 at 08:51
I quit this 5 minutes in like half a year ago or so. It was just SO chuuni. Like really THAT kinda chuuni. Then I "picked up" the title before this, though I've yet to start it. Supposedly much lower on the action and thus hopefully the chuuni, so it should work as getting a little used to that kinda silliness and learn about the dev.

But yeah, I'm not really into chuuni. I like Fortissimo, but that wasn't because of the silly "oh look, I just HAPPEN TO HAVE this super awesome attack that counters everything you do. Now I win!" back and forth between the fighters, till someone wins. More because the characters actually had mattering conflicts, respectable different views and most battles had no obvious outcome. And awesome music during battles.

Still, those things aren't that uncommon with chuuni works, unless it's just bad. Or so I think. But yeah, if you don't really know what you are getting yourself into, or you know you aren't that much into chuuni, be careful. This doesn't hold back from minute 1. Unfortunately there is no english trial (so far).
edit: Oh yeah. This has two protags, which I know was a thing quite a few didn't like too much. It's a weird thing to do in VNs anyway. Pov changes to all kinds of characters is fine, but you probably want one major protag, like Fortissimo (and most VNs really) did it.Last modified on 2018-01-13 at 08:53
#6 by molester
2018-01-13 at 11:37
#5, i guess i do like chuuni stuff when it`s good written like Dies Irae or Fate/stay, so by looking at the score it`s not just chuuni with nothing to it. Tags are good with this one, i like mysteries and epic battles (but not when it`s going overboard). So i guees I`ll pick it up in steam (plus adult patch is free, bless MangaGamer).
#7 by soyelmati
2018-01-13 at 16:09
Dude this novel starts like a typical chuuni vn with cliche characters, but believe in me, it gets crazy and so fcking deep, like I was in awe about how well world buildt it was.

It never failed to surprise me with misteries that got answered just at the very end and you just can't stop reading it, specially Senri is god and you will know why.

The other protagonist Haruto is quite a typical mc but he gets his development. Though Senri is like one of the best mc I have ever seen, I love him #nohomo #fullhomo, I have played the japanese version so I ended the game already.

But well I suggest you to play it like you were deceived and read pass the prologue, and you will know what I'm talking about, it's a quite good vn.
#8 by siliparion
2018-01-13 at 18:32
@7 How is it compared to other 3rdEye titles? I disliked Bloody Rondo but Shinigami no Testament was OK - mostly because of Vivi though.
#9 by desann
2018-01-13 at 19:20
From 3rdEye games I played only Rondo and Jokers, and Jokers was far better.
The first part of Jokers reminded me of Durarara because of it's non-linear narrative with multiple protagonists. I usually dislike VNs with multiple protagonists, but this was done very well.
#10 by soyelmati
2018-01-13 at 20:23
@8 I wouldn't know as it is the only 3rdEye title I've played so far but it has the best rating by far among its titles so I think you should expect a quite better game.
#11 by phantasm
2018-01-14 at 03:01
I don't want to start a new thread so I will ask it here.

How is the romance ?

Gensou no Idea had a nice romantic subplot despite being a chununi. Like how Noel was completely dere dere with protag and all her actions were for his benefit and how other heroines fall in love with their respective protags over the course of story, even displaying a comedic type love-triangle.
So I am hoping Sorcery Jokers follow its predecessor.

I need more than obligatory H scenes and kiss events.Last modified on 2018-01-14 at 03:03
#12 by alexlung
2018-01-14 at 11:24
Rondo is an interesting game. Gensou no Idea was amazing (Duo prota too) but lack of h scenes and story focused and this one is pretty worthy of playing as well

similarity wise and this and gensou are so similar and i liked both. if you are a working adult and liked the game be sure to support the devs if you dont mind
#13 by pstevo123
2018-01-15 at 12:28
My biggest issue is having more then one main protagonist, I seem to not enjoy these types of VN's as much. So I am stilll on the fence for this one.
#14 by alexlung
2018-01-16 at 09:09
You can choose the route after you get past the 2nd opening. and it gets way more interesting from there. try not to drop it till then
#15 by [deleted]
2018-01-20 at 11:39
Man, it is a pleasure to look at 1080p art. The art in itself is already beautiful as is, but the 1080p makes it even more wonderful.

Why the f did it take so long for VN's to get 1080 anyway? they're just 2d art, they're not even working with 3d, is it really that much to ask for...?

And from what I'm to understand, STILL not every VN released today is in 1080p. Like, wtf? we're kinda heading into a 4k era, 1080p should have actually been a standard years ago in this medium.

Maybe someone with some tech knowledge can enlighten me on this, or maybe it's just Japan being Japan.Last modified on 2018-01-20 at 11:41
#16 by kiru
2018-01-20 at 13:06
VNs are usually not played on screens above 1080p. It's usually cheap netbooks and the like. 4k is not a thing there.

And that is literally the reason. More than often the art is actually available in bigger res. But it costs money to press more dvds (yes, VNs still have all their physical editions) and higher res art needs support for the lower resolutions as well. This is why some 1080p VNs actually have all the art in 720p available as well. Otherwise you need downscaling ability for the windowed version (not all engines support that) and the requirements for playing the game will be rising for no reason. (rendering 1080p images and downscaling those is more demanding than just rendering 720p images)

It's unfortunate, but this is how it goes. It's also kinda why many doujin games are still produced in 800*600. Even if art is available in higher res, like with SeaBed .
It's something localizations can sometimes do something, but so far this only happened very rarely. 720p wouldn't be that big of an issue for 1080p screens if engines would support proper scaling, but again.. they usually don't. Good 2d scaling isn't that cheap, performance wise, so a lot of engines don't even offer support for bilinear scaling.

So, for now we need to be happy if we can play something in fullscreen every once in a while.Last modified on 2018-01-20 at 13:07
#17 by davremedy
2018-01-20 at 13:15
already in mid way in game . you either hate it or love this game . there's 2 protagonist . in mid story haruto always gor manipulated or lose in battle . and senri... meh.. too mary sue to my liking
#18 by [deleted]
2018-01-20 at 13:16
Thank you for the detailed response. And yes, I figured it was something more along the lines of them not feeling the need to go through extra effort and/or costs.
It really is a shame, seeing as how pretty the art looks. It certainly is a waste since I have a big monitor that VN's almost never make use of.

I never thought I'd be praising 1080p in 2018 so much since it's so common everywhere else, but it really is a rarity to come across it in VN's so I end up appreciating it more than expected. The sprites, background art and CG's of this game look so smooth - it's not that the art is the greatest thing ever, it's mostly that the resolution really ups it a ton.Last modified on 2018-01-20 at 13:17
#19 by sakurakoi
2018-01-20 at 13:33
4k is not a thing there.
Not "here" either...
~75% are 1080p, over 15% are even lower. Rather 35% sport just two monitors @1080p, and I am one of them... and I ain't Chinese (unlike around 65% of Steam Users, 0,5% still ain't much even if you triple it).

Primary reason: The price (which is at least three more times still) while the effect is not as big as some make it sound like. Heck, I feel no difference between watching an anime in 480p and 1080p. Maybe because I do not focus on details, like plenty probably do not as well. The art is already smooth enough like the "lip sync" is also deceptive enough.
#20 by gerhakiki
2018-02-01 at 13:53
It felt like Senri was meant to be the 'true' (or truer) protagonist. I'm not saying this just because I enjoyed reading his route more. I won't talk about major spoilery stuff, but you have things like the visual novel both starting from and ending with his perspective, for example .

Also, I got some Rewrite vibes from sorcery jokers towards the end .Last modified on 2018-02-01 at 14:19
#21 by hybtranslation
2018-02-02 at 19:27
This is kind of a mixed bag, I guess. I personally really liked how the prologue had 5 protagonists. Also, that the story deals with a few moral dilemmas, like constant observation or the heart transplantion.

What I didn't like is that I felt, under the cover, magic was just a tool to make the story interesting. They throw lethal fireballs etc. at each other all day long, but no one ever gets (really) hurt. When (important) people died, it never was because of magic, but because they are run over by a car, sniped or get something buried in their chest.
Also, most mages seem to be shunned, homeless bums, which does not strike me as realistic. In a society suddenly graced with magic, I would imagine those rare mages could pick whatever high-paying jobs they wanted from either government, military, or private sector.
Instead, most act like drug addicts and it's really kinda tiring after a while.
Generally, I felt like the world-building, while extensive, was short-sighted. E.g.,
the world has clones and mind-transfers. EVERYONE would want one of those, especially when you're about to kick the bucket. Instead they use it for some weird conspiracy.

I kept reading until what I thought was the big last fight. It took like forever even with keeping my finger on CTRL. But then the (semi-)interesting part, resolving the conspiracy, doesn't even get five minutes - instead they introduce an even bigger conspiracy, an even more elusive hidden power than magic, and I stopped reading at this point.

I guess I might have liked this when I was 15 or 20. It does have it's merits. But as other people said, it's really chuuni even though it's kinda trying to be adult about it.Last modified on 2018-02-02 at 19:28
#22 by nubdog
2018-02-03 at 00:19
Well basically there are 2 scenario writers and i'm presuming one of them is in charge of the senri portion and another is in charge of the haruto portion

and from what i've seen the writer in charge of haruto portion is always doing stallers and stupid shounen drama while the scenario writer for senri portion is always more relevant and has more interesting stuff

so if you guys want to blame anyone for the flaws blame the scenario writer in charge of the haruto portion

Which pretty much makes sense since while there is a really unique element it seems mixed in with mediocrity , and for that you can thank the scenario writer for haruto portion for messing stuff up
#23 by kiru
2018-02-03 at 09:03
^While that's possible, I don't think that's necessarily the case. It's a team of writers who did multiple games together. This difference is probably more a deliberate choice by them than one of the writers "failing".
#24 by hybtranslation
2018-02-03 at 09:37
Hmm, didn't know that. I didn't notice a real difference in the writing style between the two routes.

To be honest, I found the Haruto part better. I liked that the goody-two-shoes character fell flat on his face for once and had to adjust his values, or at least bring them in line with reality. It was character growth to an extent. I admit, the "Fair janai" was grating on my nerves, though. ^^

On the other hand, Senri might have been named Gary Stu for all I know. He always solved every problem purely by being awesome. For some reason, none of his friends seemed to care that he may as well have been a robot, given how coldly he treated everyone.
I guess it didn't help that his fight scenes were so drawn out, I CTRLed them a whole lot.Last modified on 2018-02-03 at 09:41
#25 by loctar87
2018-02-18 at 19:47
Senri was definitely the better protagonist. While Haruto repeats platitudes he just heard and becomes a berserker, Senri crushes people with tactics, bluffs, and attitude.

Also, Ruu = Best Girl. XD

@21 Mind transfers aren't all they're cracked up to be, if you're in a sci-fi context rather than a magical one. When you copy someones mind with science, there's no particular reason for the original to be destroyed. So it's really hard to say that the new copy is really you. So if you upload to a robot, or a clone, or whatever, you'll be left behind (maybe executed) and your improved copy will steal your life.Last modified on 2018-02-18 at 19:49


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