looking for ramune themed vn

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#1 by rex110
2018-01-11 at 22:17
Hi i'm looking for a vn, it was about ramune and a harem plan that one of the heroines started. it had like 4 heroines, 2 were sisters and the other 2 one was mc's sister and the other was the one who gets ramune.
i looked for it by tags but i could not find it.Last modified on 2018-01-11 at 22:31
#2 by surferdude
2018-01-11 at 23:19
#3 by shinytentacool
2018-01-12 at 02:29
is it the one where you own a store and 3 lolis show up and they suck on your ramune?
#4 by surferdude
2018-01-12 at 15:45
No, that's Shoujo Ramune.
#5 by shinytentacool
2018-01-12 at 21:35
#6 by surferdude
2018-01-12 at 22:00
#7 by sakurakoi
2018-01-12 at 22:27
Make love, not war <3
#8 by 0sekundes0
2018-01-27 at 20:37
Yeah. Pretty sure that's Lamunation


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