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The best shota VN?

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#1 by bruxae
2018-01-23 at 05:22
< report >Try as I may I can not find any (translated) shota VN that quite lives up to the quality of this one, to list some pro's:

+Excellent art/graphics
+Nicely animated sprites
+No malformed bodies
+Highly realistic

The biggest selling point for me is the realism, it really feels like you are a young boy again seeing a naked woman for the first time, being sexually used by her. Most other VN's start involving weird bondage and stuff that just makes it seem like a generic pornstar in a young body.

Or they have the lactating tits of doom that's about as big as their bodies.
#2 by teirachan
2018-01-23 at 05:33
< report >i haven't played much of their content, but complet's stuff seems pretty good for that kinda nostalgic, "innocent" feel?
#3 by shonenkun
2018-12-19 at 10:47
< report >Just finished the novel and yeah, I agree with you. I've also seen some Japanese reviews on it and they've said nothing but positive things. We're quite lucky to have it translated because the dialogue is quite good.

The only thing I wish for is that there'd be more action, maybe 2 more scenes? The ending felt a bit abrupt and I do think obasan wouldn't have let the sweet shota-kun go so quickly. :3

Very true about bondage. I've noticed that there isn't a lot of novels that are just simple sex.
And I don't mind lactating tits, hehe.
#4 by bobjr2000
2018-12-19 at 12:29
< report >Ya this is one of few times oddly felt weird playing a vn because of how real it felt.
#5 by emiya002
2023-05-25 at 23:29
< report >Really loved it. If any body finds something like this, do drop a recommendation.
#6 by scorpionmk11
2023-05-26 at 08:49
< report >Tsuboi-kun no Switch is absolutely best shotage I've ever playedLast modified on 2023-05-26 at 08:51
#7 by emiya002
2023-05-27 at 19:33
< report >can i play that with textractor?
#8 by scorpionmk11
2023-05-27 at 20:29
< report >Ye
#9 by emiya002
2023-05-29 at 20:46
< report >Thanks!


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