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#1 by batoo
2018-01-26 at 17:31
This game is very original !

Quick description (minor spoilers) :


You start to live with your older sister in the city and you discover than she is a AV actress (a porn actress). You, a poor virgin, start lusting by watching her vids and she learn that you know about your job (but she don't know you're masturbating at it). She continu her activities and you continu too.

Later, she ask you some help for a scenario, you play her "boyfriend" and you've to respond to a quizz about your "girlfriend" (with knowledge about her sex life too). If you give the bad answer, she's "punish" at the end of the quizz.

After the quizz, you wait in a room and your sis play with her role. Her younger brother (you) start to feel very bad about the actual situation (you start to develop some feelings you can't have for your sis).

Some times later, your sister comes in your room and surprise you masturbating at her videos. Since this point of the game, you can choose between 3 differents routes and your relation with your sis will change compared to your choice.


If someone is scaredd to play at this game because of the Netore tag, he don't have to (I hate very much netorare games for my part), it's not chooking and the story is pretty good for a Nukige. I recommand it !
#2 by eacil
2018-04-16 at 02:49
I hate this game. Those fuckers hid half the scenes in the scene gallery. _Without warning you._ They give you some hints like you see grayed new CG during recollection, or I was surprised to not actually *see* the quizz scene, or the quizz tells you she had more partners than you know, or the more you go forward, the more you feel the scenes were half-assed, but all of that could have been justified by 1/ bad writing/design, like plenty of nukige 2/ routes unlocked after one playthrough 3/ bugs (there is a folder full of patches for previous games from them) 4/ they decided to focus on the story and it's not because a scene is mentioned that you need to see it 5/ flashbacks.

Sorry, but I don't go to the omake section before finishing my game or having a good catch of its structure (or I just want to know when this crap end). Even more, I only check the event section when I 100% the CG section like both are redundant.
It's an o m a k e, an e x t r a, not a place where you are supposed to have access to the full scenes goddammit!!!
So, I finished the game and now I am supposed to (re-)watch all the AV even though the ending ruined their impact? After I lost the context and the fever felt down? Fuck you Atelier Sakura. Man, I was ready to write and almost positive comment about you!

What I don't understand is that it is clearly an assumed game design decision. The quizz is designed to make you fail if you don't watch the omake scenes like she had 8 partners when you know only 6 of them. It was really a good move, playing with the reader like that, because I totally felt for it and was surprised. But, once again, that doesn't mean I had to assume there were hidden scenes. I just thought she fucked other dudes out of my sight. Clear case of staff thinking they were smart but just forgot we are not espers. It could have been great if not discovering the scenes had an actual purpose but this is not that kind of game and explaining why would force me to comment the whole game. (And I would need to tackle those scenes first, anyway.)

Pffff... what a hassle. It's depressing.

PS: what with that AV music so off?Last modified on 2018-04-16 at 20:10


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