Bug in H-scene

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#1 by kidbuu25
2018-02-06 at 03:16
I want to ask those who have already finished Eru route about the 3P H-scene with Sylvi. When Sylvi came to see those 2 while they were doing it and didn't come in yet (She would later) but the scene showed her already lied on the bed next to Eru then she disappeared soon after that. Is this a bug about scene or did I mess up somewhere?
#2 by koichi
2018-02-06 at 04:03
bug from the game, don't worry about it. other than that, there's no problem.
#3 by kidbuu25
2018-02-06 at 04:39
Ok thanks and I want to ask if they released any patch to fix the bug yet since I don't see it anywhere in their website.
#4 by yanaryun
2018-02-06 at 07:34
No patch for that game has been released.


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