Catgirl raising sim?

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#1 by lepainperdu
2018-02-10 at 23:32
Hi, I was wondering if any of you guys know about a Catgirl raising sim, possibly released in Chinese as well as Japanese.
I did not play this, however someone on Reddit asked about this and it got me curious. I know that VNDB is probably not the best place to post about this however I don't know any other forums that I could post this on.

Here is the thread: link

In case you do not want to open the link - the Original OP played a game in the late 90s where you raised a catgirl/nekomimi. It seems to be similar to Princess Maker. She thinks it could have been a neko fetish raising sim. Apparently there was no 18+ content but she could have played a censored version. I tried searching on VNDB but no luck. Someone else thought the same, but there were no results.

Mods, tell me if this is not allowed, please, and I'll delete the post or something.
#2 by lepainperdu
2018-02-12 at 19:47
Bumping, sorry. I found a similar game but it is very strange and 18+.
#3 by xero95
2018-02-12 at 20:53
Share it anyways!
#4 by eiesoldar
2018-02-12 at 21:36
You're probably talking about Fancia link


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