Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread

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#226 by mvdy
2021-04-28 at 04:52
< report >Hi, noticed some weirdness on the recent votes of Regeria Hope, seems to be a bunch of accounts voting on nearly all the same games with nearly all the same scores.

edit: seems to be fixed now.Last modified on 2021-04-28 at 06:58
#227 by nael94
2021-04-28 at 08:41
< report >
Troll vote from u161928 on The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass, not one of the backers so they haven't played the game nor have access to it.

They wishlisted the game so they probably didn't mean to vote on it
#228 by diabloryuzaki
2021-04-28 at 21:23
< report >link

play for fun and vote for troll
i can't see how serious is this user to play vn like too many low vote and the comment after the title is like he didn't really play it since start
#229 by leulight
2021-04-30 at 18:33
< report >link

Don't think this can be considered a legit account.
#230 by bcirno
2021-05-02 at 03:11
< report >link Linking his patch everywhere, look at his last edits, despite being told not toLast modified on 2021-05-02 at 03:11
#231 by llee1000
2021-05-02 at 15:13
< report >This might not really be a suspicious vote, but I'll post it here because I don't want to make a separate thread for this.

There's this one person just making a whole bunch of accounts, which all have similar votes to each other before they are all removed and a new account is made soon after, what's up with that?

link link link are three examples of this, though I know there are at least 10+ more of these accounts.
#232 by bcirno
2021-05-08 at 06:43
< report >link
7 10/10 votes


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