Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread

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#551 by weter
2023-02-09 at 13:41
< report >u222006 Ridiculous suspicious votes
#552 by -pan-
2023-02-15 at 03:32
< report >u207639 = 131 votes (1.01 average)
#553 by amai-yume
2023-02-15 at 17:04
< report >u182889 most of the votes are 1 or 10 on seemingly random games
yeah ok the topic that mentioned them voting on an unreleased game is probably outdated so nvmLast modified on 2023-02-15 at 20:42
#554 by geomatrix500
2023-02-20 at 16:47
< report >link

Created today and same votesLast modified on 2023-02-20 at 16:47
#555 by biggaymer
2023-02-24 at 17:54
< report >Should voting on unreleased games even be allowed? Allowing votes a few days or maybe a week after release would make more sense.
#556 by Ileca
2023-02-24 at 18:21
< report >It's not unless there is a demo. Read #1.
#557 by beliar
2023-02-24 at 19:22
< report >I think he is saying that it shouldn't be allowed on the programming side, as in, you shouldn't be able to physically cast a vote. And that is not a good idea, as it brings even more problems than it solves.
#558 by sobriquet
2023-02-24 at 19:30
< report >To supplement #552, u207639 appears to be a duplicate account of u196109.
#559 by Yorhel
2023-02-24 at 20:05
< report >Hmm? The UI already prevents voting on unreleased games.
#560 by beliar
2023-02-24 at 20:27
< report >And I always forget that. Somehow I always end up thinking that only the length voting is disabled.
#561 by biggaymer
2023-02-27 at 03:37
< report >Yes, it seems silly to be able to give a full game a score (even a very polarized score like 1 or 10) based on a trial that'll often only cover a few % of the game's content.
#562 by butterflygrrl
2023-02-27 at 16:38
< report >OTOH people don't have to 100% a game to leave a review, and there's no way of knowing what % of the full game the demo covers, or how close in tone/quality/etc it is to the full game, or whether the full game will ever come out at all, or whether the full game will ever be declared complete if it's one of those weird endless patreon titles...
#563 by cubky
2023-02-27 at 17:35
< report >#561 You are aware that there are plenty of people who vote on games they never even played, yes? Compared to that, voting on a trial seems fine.
#564 by ashner
2023-03-02 at 21:26
< report >link
Recent created account, voting similiar score as the hidden user

#565 by marvn
2023-03-13 at 03:39
< report >link
All the English votes appear to be invalid, based on the user notes and the fact the English patch is seemingly not complete.
thanks modLast modified on 2023-03-13 at 04:25
#566 by Ezezin
2023-03-14 at 00:59
< report >Are user allowed to vote if they didn't played a game but watched a Youtube or Twitch playtrough?Last modified on 2023-03-14 at 01:08
#567 by FpxTian
2023-03-15 at 12:02
< report >Duplicate accounts
#568 by leilorelei
2023-03-17 at 19:12
< report >Duplicate account

same votes


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