Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread

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#476 by stormsky92
2022-06-08 at 12:01
< report >link

Image voting manipulating. Voting everything as explicit and brutal.
#477 by phantomjs
2022-06-12 at 11:48
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#478 by Altarius
2022-06-13 at 14:29
< report >It's not like I am concerned or something, but those guys look like the same person:
u171322, u189446, u208487.
Not only they have identical votes for some really unpopular novels (i.e. Hakidame ~TRASH~, A Trunk, Sodom no Shima ~Night of Blind~, L etc), but their periods of activity do not overlap: (2020-01-12 : 2021-01-14), (2021-01-16 : 2021-11-19), (2021-12-07 : by now).Last modified on 2022-06-13 at 14:31
#479 by plisken
2022-06-27 at 17:43
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Scarlet Hollow. A bunch of 10's in rapid succession, on accounts that have 1 rating and 1 review. Covert advertising, looks like.
#480 by Ileca
2022-06-27 at 22:22
< report >Like the Scarlet Hollow's reviews were flagged instead of using the "The reviewer is suspected to be engaged in covert advertisement" feature, I propose to clean up Lessons in Love's reviews by flagging the ones marked as such when they were written by throwaway accounts. The two sections are already bloated enough imo.

Meaning w1566, w1587, w1328, w1549, w3119, w1548, and w2155. All minus two, in the end. What a surprise.

Edit: done.

Following this pattern, we have two new throwaway accounts made for the occasion, who wrote some weird pieces: w4565 who is quoting the game like it's the Bible, and w2165, not really suspect but very badly written.Last modified on 2022-06-27 at 22:25
#481 by dercry
2022-06-29 at 10:17
< report >u178868 man he really likes the translations from CyberStep CyberStep, Inc., all of his activity is from 2022-01-28
#482 by delusionparadox
2022-07-11 at 21:51
< report >Voting aside, this person has made several acts of vandalism, which suggests to me they're just trolling link
#483 by beliar
2022-07-11 at 21:57
< report >He's already banned.
#484 by bassttark
2022-07-15 at 21:43
< report >u221622 and u216424 have weird votes in image flagging.
#485 by lemonov
2022-07-24 at 00:31
< report >u222345 Rated multiple VNs in a day with 1s, probably tries to lower the ratings
#486 by leilorelei
2022-07-27 at 00:17
< report >link

Duplicate account. Both created the same day, rating MLA a 10 and down voting the same 3 popular VN's
#487 by huntethan2
2022-07-30 at 13:21
< report >u217092 looks like an obvious attempt at score manipulation. In just one month he went over practically all NTR tagged games setting a score of 1.

Funny thing is that his phobias seem to extend to other genres, as he "completed" and rated with 1 all the 18 titles in the "Sono Hanabira" yuri a single day.
#488 by lomenix
2022-08-03 at 09:42
< report >#487 based degen downvoter
#489 by hansfranz77
2022-08-07 at 07:35
< report >I wanted to ask something regarding playtime votes. Can i post this here, or is there another thread more fitting for it?
#490 by Ileca
2022-08-07 at 07:41
< report >You can use t16728.
#491 by hansfranz77
2022-08-07 at 07:50
< report >Thank you!
#492 by lemonov
2022-08-07 at 15:57
< report >Looks like Ljubov', Den'gi, Rok-n-Roll is being spammed with 1s. Multiple accounts with empty lists doing so.Last modified on 2022-08-07 at 15:59
#493 by ravena
2022-08-07 at 16:29
< report >To be fair, only four 1s have empty lists, and only one of those accounts is a newly created account.
#494 by sobriquet
2022-08-12 at 16:02
< report >Is there any way to tell if a user's votes have been ignored? I suppose it might defeat the purpose if the user had a way to know, but it's hard to avoid making a redundant report.

u179645 voted 75 10/10s, across all categories (Playing, Finished, Stalled, Wishlist), mostly added on two days. Seems likely to be voting 10/10 by default regardless of whether or not they've actually read the VN.
#495 by NaioHoras
2022-08-12 at 16:17
< report >you can visit one of VN they rated and see if their vote is listed there. since you can't see theirs in here link that means they've already been taken care of.
#496 by sobriquet
2022-08-12 at 16:25
< report >Thank you for the clarification.
#497 by notauser
2022-08-14 at 01:44
< report >u195577
They only did a few image flagging, but they're almost all bullshit (mostly explicit/brutal when not).
#498 by gambs
2022-08-31 at 19:42
< report >This seems to be a mistake rather than malicious behavior, but u177843 voted that it took them 31 hours to clear Little Princess when they must have meant 31 minutes
#499 by onorub
2022-09-03 at 03:04
< report >I feel that making all length votes uncounted for Lucid9 at the current state is way too harsh, as the VN has been in the same state for a while now. Even if it might lead to unnaccuracies if the full game is done, i don't think it's worth keeping people from having the information of how long the game is at current state.
#500 by armony
2022-09-23 at 01:17
< report >What's up with this link guy, blindly "correcting" random characters ages and not doing much else?