Questions for the creators and artist

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#1 by sour-note-2014
2018-03-01 at 14:05
Does Yuri have regular customers in her cafe? Does Yuri plan for her daughter to take over the cafe?

Does Ren go to a mixed or a girls' school? I imagine it's a mixed school but what do the other girls in her school look like?

Ryouko is androphobic. Does she have any female friends?

What does Yuri's husband do for a living?

What would the characters wear in winter?Last modified on 2018-03-02 at 12:31
#2 by sour-note-2014
2019-09-06 at 10:06
What do Ren and Ryouko's classmates look like? What exactly do the books in Yuri and Ren's living room contain? Where is the game set? If it's in Tokyo, is it set in a real neighborhood or a fictional one? What are the characters' star signs? Does Ren visit Akira's house every morning like Asuka Tooyama, Yukino Ouhama and Tae Nakanoshima do? Why doesn't Ren have her own route in the game? Do Ren and Ryouko have any female friends from school?


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