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#1 by hybtranslation
2018-03-12 at 09:29
I thought I'd write a review since nobody has done so yet. I bought it on a whim when it came out, mostly just cause I wanted to kick back after a rough week. But the game turned out better than I expected.

The story is more intricate than I first thought. There's all sorts of jabs at politics and taking things to the extreme, which is more than I expected from an undressing game. Mind, it's mostly parody, though, so if you want something serious, you have to look somewhere else. Generally, the writing is more focused on the characters than the plot.

The dialogues between the characters are fun, and sometimes rather witty given the ridiculous situation. Well, I guess you need to like the humor. Another plus here is that all characters are voiced. Not just the female cast, but also the protagonist and even his male sidekicks. Which is more than unusual, considering how many games have no male characters beside the protagonist in the first place.

The two sex scenes so far have been relatively tame. It's technically non-consensual, but because the gods of hentai willed it, the girls do not really mind. Also, the protagonist makes sure to get them ready and give them a (relatively) good time. The rest of the time, he is outright gentlemanly for a young demon dreaming of being a dictator, helping the girls out of pitfalls or searching for their magic staff. Kinda makes me think they could have gone fully consensual here without losing anything. But again, it's more parody than serious.

The gameplay is solid but relatively simple. I'm only playing at normal for now, though. There's a part that's a bit like tetris (on the World Map), and then there's the action part with the undressing. Actually, most of the time you're fighting generic enemies, but it doesn't take up too much time, the non-boss fights are pretty short. Still, you can easily lose the fights if you do not watch out.

For some reason, they decided to go with Heisenburg for the main character's name, although in the beginning Heisenberg slipped in once, and it's Heisenberg in the status screen too. Other than that, there's only been one or two typos.

All in all, I'm positively surprised and think it's been worth the money so far. (I'm beginning chapter 3 right now, I would guess that's about 50%) To anyone else who has been scarred by The Spiritmaster of Retania like me, this one has both solid writing and gameplay. Generally, I'd guess you spend at least 60% of the time reading, so the focus is a bit more on the VN than the gameplay.
#2 by surferdude
2018-03-13 at 07:39
I agree, this is surprisingly fun and addictive.
Too bad the H-scenes aren't uncensored.
I wonder if Sekai intends to translate the sequels as well.Last modified on 2018-03-13 at 07:39
#3 by mr1a
2018-03-13 at 18:02
Thank you for your review. I bought it too, and I'm very pleased.
#4 by lordnight
2018-03-13 at 18:44
Hmm, now I'm curious, let's try this~
Yes, the game is fun. I have the steam version so I can't say anything about the h scenes but. Yeah, it is fun.Last modified on 2018-03-14 at 07:38
#5 by kominarachromer
2018-03-13 at 21:01
nothing is worth the money when the money's going to sekai
#6 by thenewmohawk
2018-03-14 at 17:54
some of the HCG are probably drawn lazily without proper care for the pus7y, since the artist knew it would get censored there anyway.
This is my conjecture anyway
#7 by chadsomenezz
2018-03-19 at 15:07
I know right. At first when I started playing this, I'm not expecting anything, I thought it was just your typical novel where in lot's of H-scene without any reasonable back story. This one though, the plot is actually good, the game play is fun and addicting I hope they continue translating the other two sequel.Last modified on 2018-03-19 at 15:09
#8 by overmage
2018-03-19 at 19:21
semi off-topic but in no universe is Erika E and Fine D. I wonder if Japanese artists have just never actually confirmed the actual size of tits in real life before
#9 by pendelhaven
2018-03-20 at 14:56
despite the VN looking like stupid fun at first chapters, the overarching worldbuilding is much more than that. I can already sense that this won't get a good ending of sorts. it's all dark.

I'm in for a treat right? RIGHT?

also I can't seem to trigger Fine's h-scene early game. or is there really nothing like that?Last modified on 2018-03-20 at 14:57
#10 by lordnight
2018-03-20 at 17:31
From a few tags I peeked from link
And considering this is a linear game.
There might not be any happy ending.
#11 by alexlung
2018-03-20 at 18:35
i am having fun as well. i seriously hope they do a sequel on this for English plz
#12 by hybtranslation
2018-03-20 at 20:39
I've finished the game by now. Yes, it kinda gets relatively serious towards the end... TBH, for me it was a little weird. Not quite sure where they are going with this. Could even be that games 2 and 3 get serious Mahou Shoujo Madoka style, although they could just as well return to slapstick comedy.Last modified on 2018-03-20 at 20:39
#13 by pendelhaven
2018-03-22 at 07:54
finished it. tbh the game could have just end there but the sequel teasers are making it worthwhile. I'm not gonna play hard mode and just end there.


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