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#26 by triority
2018-06-06 at 21:45
Cant say I totally agree regarding Wilfried being a gentleman towards the girls - he did defer from killing Fine against Ria's suggestion and he was (inferred at least) to be pretty brutal extracting their mana (plus, of course, it leaves them with crippling headaches - I suppose it could be in place of suffering the effects of their multiple rapes), especially as Fine's second one was Wilfried tricking her into an ambush. And, of course, he forces them to work for him at the end (with a fair bit of contempt: "They are only delaying the inevitable")

By the looks of it, he gets nastier with the other witches and attendants in the sequels (and seems to treat Erika and Fine as not much more than sex slaves). Would be "amusing" if the reason why he is killed (most likely by Ria) is because of what he's done to the girls...

And, of course, he's practically lying to everyone regarding his ambition.

It's a good game, but when you start seeing where it's going, it is pretty dark slightly-humoured game.

I can see the ending not being particularly happy for quite a few characters (excluding Wilfried, as we know what happens to him).

Overall, Wilfried is one nasty character...

Hopefully, Sekai will translate the other two pretty promptly, although I have a feeling that this one is just an experiment.

I did find one screen that just repeated the previous sentence (the one where Wilfried sort of attempts to justify raping Fine - besides extracting Mana)Last modified on 2018-06-06 at 22:02


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