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#1 by Yorhel
2010-12-19 at 16:05
< report >This announcement is for everyone who links to his VN list or vote list from outside of VNDB.

Short version:

If you link to your vote list and don't use the vn/release list features of VNDB, replace all links to "/u<your-userid>/list" with "/u<your-userid>/votes", and make sure to remove or change anything after the question mark if your old link had one.

Slightly longer version:

I'm currently working on revamping the user-vn-list-browser (the one you can find using the "My Visual Novel List" in your menu) as part of the new VN list features.
One thing that will change is how votes are handled. Currently, the vn-list-browser also includes all VNs you have voted on, but now that we have a separate vote listing page (/u<id>/votes - added in 2.15) this isn't necessary anymore. As such, the new vn-list-browser will only include VNs that are actually on your list.
This means that if you do not use the VN list feature but do link to your VN list to display your votes, you will see an empty page instead of your votes. To avoid this, update your links to point to the new vote listing.

Some example URLs to use when linking to your votes:
Ordered by vote date (recent first):<id>/votes
Ordered by VN title:<id>/votes?o=a;s=title
Ordered by vote (highest first):<id>/votes?o=d;s=vote
Substitute <id> with your user ID.


- But the vote listing is hard to find! I want to see my votes with a single click of my mouse!
Don't worry, the vote list will be advertised a bit more in the upcoming version.

- Does this mean I can't see my votes on the same page as my VN list?
Nope, the vote column won't go away, nor will the "show only voted" and "hide voted" filters. It's just that VNs which you have voted on but are not present in your list will not be shown anymore.

- Why don't you just make it so that VNs you vote on are automatically added to your VN list?
Whether or not to use the VN list is up to the user. It is perfectly valid to keep track of your votes without ever touching the other VN list features, and I don't feel comfortable with forcing that kind of VN list management constraints on the user.


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