Osananajimi as a one-side romantic interest ?

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#1 by batoo
2018-03-18 at 10:29
I can't find a really good VN with the protagonist who is in love with his childhood friend ( who don't look at him in that way, she can have a crush on another character ) and with him trying to seduce her ...
I only find VN where it's the childhood friend who love the protagonist since ever, I search the reverse situation ^^

Any suggestions ?

I give you the filters I actually use for my research :

* Tags to include :
Osananajimi Heroine

* Tags to exlude :
Loli Heroine
Villainous Protagonist
Group Sex of One Female and Several Males
Rapist Protagonist
Shota Protagonist
Loli Protagonist
Protagonist with Sexual Experience
Group Sex of Multiple Females and Males
Shota Hero
Consensual Group Sex of One Female and Several Males
Shotacon Heroine
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#2 by cnkx
2018-03-18 at 10:56
Oof, that one must be tough. What you're looking for will be done mostly with netorare, unfortunately. But I see what you're looking for and yes that could be interesting, but if it exists in a non netorare way then it must be extremely rare.

Like you said it's always either non romantic from both parties until later on, or its the childhood friend that has one-sided love towards the MC.
#3 by bobjr2000
2018-03-19 at 01:26
might want to ease on the loli heroine/lolicon. Can understand if your not into it but those tags might exclude titles that have simple loli in it but may also have regular romance looking for as well.

Also are you looking for friend to be in love with some one else or they just a friend not in love with protag?

Yoyogi Hitozuma Senmon Gakuin ~Nyuuzuma-tachi no Ennui- =Sakura Kyouko
-Technically not childhood friends but protag was in love with her from early high school years. She ends up marrying his older brother. It is netori but not dark or serious one and is really more of romcom than anything. She doesn't love him and is friends from past. Protag had a crush on her since high school now an adult.

Harukoi * Otome ~Otome no Sono de Gokigen'you =Yui-nee

This is probably best pitch I can give you. Technically the herione was in love with protag in past but not anymore. On her route the protag has to throw everything including kitchen sink to win her over. Both childhood friends, not in love with protag and story is pretty solid.

You can also add unrequited love in your searches.Last modified on 2018-03-19 at 02:04
#4 by batoo
2018-03-19 at 09:35
First of all, thanks for your responses !

I've put all the Loli tags in the exclude section because I want ( by preference ) a VN where the characters are more "adult-like" & have approximately the same age but it's optional ^^ enven if sometimes the girl has more than 20y.o. but have a loli body lol

I already try with the tag unrequited love and I've find one who look good : link but the girl loves him since the start ><

I try to avoid netorare/netori because I've recently finish those two games ( link & link ) & I need to play something else for the good health of my brain x)
I've find this one before ( link ) but the girl loves him since the start too ! ><

I find what I search very easly in the brother/sister themes but it's more difficult for the childhood friends ...

And I'm sure I'm not the oly one who want a VN where the Protag. want to seduce his childhood friend who don't like him in the same way ^^Last modified on 2018-03-19 at 09:36
#5 by tw1sted
2018-03-19 at 10:28
There's Period which is pretty close to what you're looking for. MC used to be in love with the heroine years ago but she had a crush on someone else. In her route he falls in love with her again but she's still not interested in him.

That said I don't know if the art would be to your tastes, especially since you said you prefer more mature heroines.
#6 by [deleted]
2018-03-20 at 00:06
Yo batoo, if you find what you're looking for, would you mind sharing your results? the Brother/Sister ones are fine by me too.
#7 by danteas
2018-03-20 at 00:27
the same as the guy above
#8 by batoo
2018-03-20 at 08:05
Period look good, I'll take a look at it.

For sharing my results, it can take some time but no problems ( finding the game, playing the game, ... ).

It doesn't close the topic but keep the page in your favorites just in case for not lost it ;)

Your suggestions are always welcome !Last modified on 2018-03-20 at 08:05
#9 by silence
2018-03-20 at 16:04
batoo, my respect to you. I'm tired of stupid-and-anoying-deredere-osananajimi-heroines too. Can't help you, though ~_~
#10 by 5pm
2018-04-02 at 12:23
What?? All this time i thought osanajimi means childhood friend who have unrequited love for the protagonist! Lol you japanese making me think this way (its a joke).

Anyway you are right. Please find heroine who doesnt have interest in protagonist while the protagonist has so much hardship to make her love him. Even better if the heroine has unriquited love with your male friend.

You know those male friend who always good to protagonist and give him many support in visual novel? Now i want to play as those "male friend".Last modified on 2018-04-02 at 12:29
#11 by danteas
2018-04-03 at 03:59
#10 link this vn is about what you just said. its about the mc who is the tipical male friend that sets up the harem to the tipical mc. its somewhat depresing at the beginingLast modified on 2018-04-03 at 04:00
#12 by steamboatwillie
2018-04-03 at 04:19
Great find! Thanks for sharing!
#13 by 5pm
2018-04-03 at 11:30
Woah...so there are this kind of vn too, i am surprised. VN, oku ga fukai desune.
#14 by funnerific
2018-04-03 at 11:55
Alright, I think I have what you're looking for. It's a game I personally really enjoyed, as the plot is incredibly interesting. link
#15 by batoo
2018-04-07 at 14:00
Thanks Funnerific, I'll take a look :)

For now I've find some interesting things :

The game I've played :

1/ From Wagamama High Spec and Wagamama High Spec OC :

Mihiro, the chilhood friend. She tease and sexually harrass the Protagonist a lot because he is a teen man and her a nice teen girl. She don't see him as a romantic interest at all, except when you enter in her route and you start to beeing more ... subjective.
Toa, the younger sister. Well, it's normal she don't see the Protagonist as a romantic interest but ...
Karen, the funny classmate. She is just a side character in the original game but she has a route in the fan disk. She is very interesting.
Yukari, the teacher. As for Karen, she is a side character in the original game but she has a route in the fan disk. Honestly, her route is hot in every sense of the word.

2/ From Iro ni Ide ni keri Waga Koi wa

Tomone, the childhood friend. She is interesting but her route is extremely short ...
The over characters are interesting too but are off topic.

The game I currently play :

3/ From Koi Shiyo? :

Aya, the chilhood friend and now also the teacher. She turndown the Protagonist when they were younger. Now he goes to the school where she works and ...

Games who seems interesting :

4/ From Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo :

Ayane and Sena, childhood friends.

5/ From Kimi ni Semaru Otome no Lesson :


6/ From Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia ( I sincerly don't know if this game is off topic, but just in case I tell you I've find this one ) :

Misaki, Shouko and Ayane, childhood friends.
Miu, younger sister.
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#16 by funnerific
2018-04-08 at 02:05
I played Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia, it's almost nothing like what you're looking for
#17 by batoo
2018-04-09 at 19:40
Thanks again Funnerific !

To everyone, for Koi Shiyo?, play it. I've finish Aya's route and it was awesome.

The best in this game is when you play the route of a character you like, you come to like another character you didn't specialy like. And when you play this second character's route, you like a third you don't specialy like before.
#18 by funnerific
2018-04-10 at 00:43
No problem! Let me know when you play my recommendation, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
#19 by batoo
2018-04-16 at 20:19
Hello everyone, here I am again !

I've finished Koi Shiyo? yesterday and he was (for me) amazing.

I'll play to several games at the same time now, Setsuei inclued.

I've find an other VN that can suits to what we search : Astraythem, where the protagonist take the lead for seducing the girl he loves. You can take a look at his page if you're curious.

Now let's play !Last modified on 2018-04-17 at 09:08
#20 by kugimaru
2018-04-23 at 02:23
I know its not exactly what you're looking for but, the recently released fureraba as a childhood friend who dont love the mc, so its a good choice (and the game for me right now is pure diabetes)
#21 by funnerific
2018-04-23 at 21:56
While Astraythem is indeed a lot like what you're looking for, it's very bad as a game overall IMO. I was extremely disappointed with it.

Meanwhile, Fureraba... well, the girl returns his affections, so I don't think it's what the OP is looking for.
#22 by ganchan
2018-04-23 at 22:42
Fragment's Note according to the description this game starts with protagonist confessing his love to the childhood friend and getting rejected.
#23 by funnerific
2018-04-24 at 17:20
@22 I don't think the childhood friend is romanceable at all in that one
#24 by jikorde
2018-04-26 at 05:14
Majikoi has two routes that would count. Both Wanko and Momoyo are childhood friends that treat Yamato as a friend or a brother and not a love interest until he puts in the effort.
#25 by danteas
2018-05-24 at 18:38


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