Osananajimi as a one-side romantic interest ?

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#26 by pendelhaven
2018-05-24 at 20:16
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#27 by leery
2018-05-25 at 05:56
If "treat as a friend or a brother and not a love interest" is the bar here, I'll put Present for You ~Watashi o A-Ge-Ru~.

I didn't enter her route, but the osananazimi in that game is just a long-time friend and kind of derisive towards the protagonist. A comic relief, I guess.

It's not the kind of game that the title implies. Don't be fooled.
#28 by cockblockula
2018-05-25 at 09:15
Mihiro, the chilhood friend. She tease and sexually harrass the Protagonist a lot because he is a teen man and her a nice teen girl. She don't see him as a romantic interest at all, except when you enter in her route and you start to beeing more ... subjective.

Think thats incorrect, Mihiro stated at the end of her route that she always loved MC but he never shown interest back (till her route).

@24 Think that's true for Momoyo but not Wanko. She simply has lots of guys liking her but immediately chooses MC when given the choice. Momoyo is pretty confusing since she gets jealous when MC hangs around other older girls and always flirts with him but then she (initially) refused his confession in her route >.>
#29 by leery
2018-06-05 at 05:54
IIRC, Ano Sora no Mukougawa had the osananazimi in relationship with someone else.

But it had also some weird parallel dimension stuff where things change so I don't know if that lasts.

Hmm, now that I read the character description, the game probably doesn't qualify...Last modified on 2018-06-05 at 05:56
#30 by bobjr2000
2018-06-05 at 06:24
I agree with 28. For wanko romance/love doesn't even register for her. While Momoyo treats protag as a little bro and at times sees him closer to a good pet than rather than romance partner.
#31 by danteas
2018-11-24 at 20:36


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