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#26 by triority
2019-05-11 at 19:49
< report >I'm just speculating as it hasn't been translated yet (and by the speed everything is going for Re;Lord 2, it won't be for over a year now at least).

I'm surprised that Ria saved Wilfried, especially if she knew what he would become - unless she had ulterior motives. Not surprised that she's the witch's master though (did speculate it was either her or Wilfried).

She certainly is indifferent to their mission then, especially as she asked Wilfred to kill Fine. Unless she was banking that his ego would stop him.
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#27 by triority
2020-12-05 at 14:24
< report >As it looks like the remaining two episodes won't be out for while (if at all now), how does this episode actually pan out ?

Ria goes back in time along with the witches to try and stop Wilfried from, presumably, becoming the monster he wants to be, but obviously, things don't go well.

Were the witches set up to fail, or they were just inept ?

Why does Wilfried kill Erika? Does she try to stop Wilfrieds ambitions? I presume he was the one who carried out the massacre in which Erika lost her family

Do the Demons eventually win the war against the humans and angels (from the maps I've seen, it looks like Demons are all but wiped out)
#28 by mechakoi
2021-01-11 at 22:36
< report >
1. The witches were rigged to fail from the start because it's a timeloop where Wilfried will becomes a Demon Lord no matter what the outcome. Julius is the real puppetmaster behind everything and the witches are there to actually push Wilfried and Julius' plans forward more quickly. The witches all come from multiple timelines where they want to stop Wilfried's terrorism plan, so they try to kill him before he becomes a Demon Lord. And the ending epilogue shows that Julius's assassination by future Wilfried himself is what sets the whole plot into motion and the two of them are simply cogs in the wheel known as fate.

2. No. Erika is actually the one who triggers the massacre because Wilfried pushes her into attacking him with magic and she accidently sets off bombs (that were set by Julius) that start the whole terrorism incident. Wilfried actually frames Erika as the "witch of calamity" and kills her to become a hero in the eyes of the public. Deep down, Erika was repressing the memory of the events and projecting her fatal mistake on Wilfried hence why she tried to kill him in the first place.

3. The demons are left in an terrible state after the war because Wilfried (who is their leader) is left for dead. However, it's revealed that he actually goes to a new timeline to kill Julius and do everything over again.
#29 by triority
2021-01-12 at 22:03
< report >Ah, thanks for that.

I have heard it's a pretty dark conclusion.

I hear Kaya gets killed as well

What happens to Fine and the other witches afterwards ? I presume they go back to their respective timelines, rather than try and rebuild their lives in the current timeline Saarland. Fine is the one I most feel sorry for, being too kind-hearted (and unlucky) to be involved in everything.

I presume the red messages that popup during Wilfrieds flashforwards are a warning for him ?
I presume it's also too much for the Demon relm to become less corrupt ?

It's very annoying that it's taken 2.5 years for Re;Lord 2 to be 80% upgraded. Sekai have said that Escu:de have been busy, but I think something else happened. I wonder if Sekai licences the trilogy in seperate episodes or all together... I suspect they did the former, otherwise all three could have been out by now...

Considering Re;Lord 3 has a whole of extras, another 2.5+ year wait isn't great (hence the reason for asking), especially as Sekai haven't mentioned anything about it yet.Last modified on 2021-01-12 at 22:24
#30 by mechakoi
2021-01-13 at 18:03
< report >Yeah, I agree. The ending is pretty bittersweet and leans more to the bitter part than sweet. It's a shame that Sekai has the project on hold because Re;Lord 3 is easily the best one and really wraps everything together nicely.

Yes. Kaya sacrifices her life in the middle of the final battle to protect Iris. Iris who had already lost her will to live and became a death seeker in the middle of these events decides to turn over a new leaf.

After Erika's death, Fine tries to fight Wilfried with the full intention to die and join Erika in the afterlife. Despite being a good girl, Fine still takes responsibility for being a trigger to the tragic events that happened. But Wilfried spares her and say that her punishment is to keep living on. Fine's fate at the end is become a nurse after the war's events as written by history. But she's still pretty dead on the inside by the end because she's one of the few surviving members and is still torn up over Erika. Darius even retires from politics and becomes a despairing drunk because he's devastated over losing his son.

Iris doesn't return to her original timeline because there's nothing left for her there. She decides to help Ria find the perfect timeline where Wilfried is alive and sacrifices her life in order to send Ria to the new timeline. She dies satisfied in the end because she can join Kaya and atone for her sins. Alicia is executed for being a witch despite her desire to surpass Julius as her younger sister. Julius was simply using her as a pawn for her own plans and Alicia was fully aware of this. Her role was short, but she was a pretty tragic character.

That's correct. The red messages was actually magic installed by Ria to tell Wilfried to stop on his pursuit of magic because he will follow a dark path. Wilfried being Wilfried accepts his fate and moves forward because his whole goal was to destroy the old world and create a new one where everyone with power can live freely and equally. This was because he wanted to save Ria who was being experimented on due to her special abilities and he also fell in love with her.
#31 by triority
2021-01-13 at 21:46
< report >Yes, I've seen the CG's where Ria and Wilfried embrace. It's a shame Ria has to lose her morals when she goes back in time, otherwise it could have made a difference.

At least Fine is alive at the end then, so that's some small comfort then.

Certainly sounds as no real good comes out of it, and all because of Wilfrieds ambition...

I wonder how much would have changed if Erika hadn't forced Fine to initially fight Wilfried without her staff. Or even if they had attack Wilfried earlier (after all, they knew where his abandoned mine base was).

I presume Ria has black wings, because, as she said, it's to show her temperament. I also presume the stars of characters (Erika, Darius and Kurt) show who were the good people.

Is the army person who was supposedly executed for the terrorist incident in 1 a figment of Erika's imagination or did Wilfried frame someone else as well ?

Thanks for the information. It certainly sounds like a pretty tragic ending to it all really. Should be ready for it in several years...

Just wish Sekai would communicate a bit more over this series. I'm surprised I've never found any proper gameplay videos of 3 (beyond a few snippets on YouTube). I wonder how well it did.

Re;Lord was actually the catalyst to push me to actually start my own visual novels (had been procrastinating for a year or so beforehand).Last modified on 2021-01-13 at 23:09
#32 by mechakoi
2021-01-14 at 05:59
< report >The first point is touched upon briefly in the ending. Because Ria wanted to change the timeline where Wilfried dies, she trains and sends a new trio of witches back in time to fight and stop Wilfried. Nothing changes because Wilfried is still 'dead' in the old timeline where present Ria was. This shows that certain events are 'destined' to happen due to the laws of fate. And it's briefly touched upon in Re;Lord 2 and 3 involving how Iris went back in time to save her parents from the Bayonet squad and they're still killed despite her efforts to change history.

The 'stars' were simply part of the ending sequence where everyone had something to say about the events like a play. Wilfried, Lia, Fine, Iris and others had gotten them as well.

It's bit of the former. The 'army person' was actually Erika herself who got executed. But she did not remember the events correctly because 1) she was traumatized and repressed the events and 2) Ria's time magic erases memories hence why Erika and Fine didn't remember much of anything until much later. Remember Wilfried's statement about 'judging' Erika and Fine whenever the time came? He follows through with that in Re;Lord 3. However, he is very torn up about killing Erika because he came to respect her as a comrade. Erika fell in love with Wilfried which makes it all the more tragic and she was regretful that she couldn't reach out to him like Ria could. Wilfried actually briefly considered keeping Erika by his side to the end, but that's not what fate wanted.

To clarify more on the terrorism plan: Wilfried was actually manipulated by Julius into teaming up with him to perform the terrorist attack. Both Wilfried and Julius had similar goals in mind (wanting to change the world), but Julius is much more cunning than Wilfried. This was because Julius was holding Ria hostage and he had no choice to agree to his terms and throw his ideals away completely. Wilfried's ideals about not killing people are actually challenged and put into question more in Re;Lord 2 where he conflictedly ends up rallying the civilians of Cologne to fight the Bayonet as he took care of Iris. In Re;Lord 3, Wilfried sees the results of his decisions as the Bayonets leave behind the corpses of the civilians everywhere and Wilfried decides to bury the bodies personally to take responsibility. There's a sad scene where he has a nightmare about what happened and laments over his actions, but he still decides to push himself forward for his goal.
#33 by triority
2021-01-14 at 14:48
< report >Yes, does sound as though Erika and Fine couldn't have changed anything. It's a shame that a hardened nationalist like Wilfried had to find Ria, but that's fate too

During a later discussion, it appears as though Erika and Fine had worked together before - is any mention of that made in 3, or is it a figment of Erika's imagination?

Is Ria's opening monologue finally finished in 3 ?

It seems as though the witches sudden stop during their advance is due to not only the Demon government capitulating, but it also seems as they gave a tacit agreement for them to be there - which would give extra weight to why they ignored Wilfried.

Wilfried does say in 1 he'll be using his army as cannon fodder - sounds like got his wish, although probably not how he would have liked.

Was Wilfried's mother ever mentioned ? No doubt Darius paid off one of his many conquests...

I believe Fine knew Alice. Must Alice's end sounds badLast modified on 2021-01-14 at 16:24


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