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#1 by mcmullengage
2018-03-30 at 00:34
< report >Please put in the comments why you choose the person that you did
#2 by mutsuki
2018-03-30 at 01:26
< report >Usually the first route I play (usually the main heroine) ends up having the best girl. Not always the case, but was the case here.
#3 by creedhood
2018-03-30 at 08:52
< report >Kotori is the main heroine, obviously. But if we analyze the story, Amane's route explains everything about the main plot. So I would say Amane > Kotori (for a little bit).
#4 by kiru
2018-03-30 at 10:40
< report >-Kotori loses her character after some time and never finds a new one. Drama involved too much backpedaling as well, which however is a trademark of the writer I guess. Conflicts tend to not be conflicts but just some kinda misunderstanding. Like it or hate it.
-Ageha's route is just too "what the heck is she doing?!?" tier to bother thinking about it. Without that she'd be pretty damn fine though.
-Amane is fine as a supporting character, as a heroine it's not for me. At all. I don't like the trope her route is build up with.
-Akari has no route in the games that matter, for good reason. Don't know why the console version had to change this. She's okay, but her stuff never goes anywhere I think, so yeah.
-Hibari is just a minor side character.
-Hotaru is actually really likable, but her "route" is not anywhere near what it'd need to be for her to be a good choice here. Unfortunately, as I quite liked her. Guess she shares that with her sister.
-Kanako is funny, but that's it. "How do you check if you are still a virgin?" indeed.
-Isuka is a nice side-character, and I liked that her stuff was given some closure. I always liked it if not all girls fly on the protag. But I generally didn't care much for the main story in this, as I already mentioned. And she is part of that main story.
-Asa has a few traits you don't really see coming and can be amusing. I also liked how her issues were grounded in reality. Usually characters like her have so heavy issues that you just wonder why nobody ever helped the poor girl and send her to a doctor. Asa works. But.
-Yoru is the "better" twin. Cynical and speaks her mind, while having lost herself a little with people just taking assumptions with her being super talented. What's even worth doing if you can do everything easily anyway? Her route, as such, is simply finding herself. It's down to earth, without massive amounts of superficial drama. I think a lot didn't quite like how little the protagonist mattered here, but alas. The twin's route is mostly about the twins. The protag is still a catalyst, but nowhere near as much as you'd be used to from moege.

Long story short: Yoru. It's a bit weird voting for Yoru or Asa separately though. I don't think you can like one with actually truly disliking the other, other than maybe on a very superficial level.
#5 by bruxae
2018-06-08 at 21:26
< report >Unlike the other commentors I just voted for the girl whom's personality I liked the most and who'd I'd rather date IRL, so I went with Amane. It was a tough choice though, I like alot of the characters and there are some really strong contenders in the side heroines that I simply don't know enough about to pick, but I am like to have done so had they had their own routes, those being Akari, Hotaru and Isuka.
#6 by 22144418
2018-08-18 at 13:54
< report >whoops i picked kotori and i cant take it back...
though it'd probably be for the best if i had a gf irl like that
#7 by dioruka
2018-08-18 at 14:00
< report >I picked Yoru because I liked her personality the best I liked both Asa and Yoru but I liked Yoru just a little bit more
#8 by rachelalucard
2018-08-29 at 02:14
< report >Yoru of course she is best girl for me but her route T_T
#9 by protator
2018-08-29 at 17:45
< report >It's been a while since I played the game but I remenber Kotori's being the best Chara/Route package.
The twins were interesting characters and I really liked Yoru.
Amane would be decent RL waifu material personality-wise, but her route didn't exactly knock my socks off.
Same goes for Ageha.
#10 by kiru
2018-08-29 at 19:17
< report >Yoru's route was the best of the game. Dunno what's a problem there?
#11 by zayne11293
2018-12-05 at 14:44
< report >Amane, her going from workaholic weirdo to being a horny freak was amusing to watch. I greatly enjoyed her character development and just like the general look of her character. She's just hella cute.
#12 by jmichevans
2019-01-10 at 01:38
< report >Yoru's cool, but her route makes me WTF out...
#13 by kyousukekoyomi
2019-03-15 at 07:17
< report >I like Kotori because she has similarities with me and she has black hair and I like tsundere. And I like the moments of her having fun it looks cute
And she has small Brest. I like girls who are old but small breasts.Last modified on 2019-03-15 at 07:20
#14 by teamkazato
2019-08-16 at 17:17
< report >Yoru, because she is seriously one of the coolest VN Characters in my Opinion.
#15 by i7-8700k
2019-12-28 at 13:18
< report >I'm a huge fan of older female/younger male romance and I feel Amane's route tops this trope with both the story and h-scenes.

Not to mention her route actually tackles the mystery I wanted to know.
#16 by marianokun
2020-01-02 at 16:42
< report >Hotaru cuz she's a super cutesy and has big "eyes" ...iykwimLast modified on 2020-01-02 at 16:43
#17 by omikron
2020-04-28 at 18:01
< report >Best girl: Kotori
Most enjoyable route: Amane

In my opinion.
#18 by velociraptor
2020-12-10 at 19:28
< report >I think Isuka is the best girl. Not the best heroine, just the best girl. Why?
Because she's the reason why we have the whole story progress from the beginning. That's all..xD


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