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#1 by molester
2018-04-03 at 14:23
< report >I was wondering what tastes do you have when it comes to picking "best girl".

We have 4 heroines to choose and all of them have their own charm, but which one was the most pleasant and entertaining to interact with?

Hiiragi Yuzuyu - seems like a really rude type of tsundere, as for that I`m kinda interested in her circumstances and I want to see how her dere dere side looks like (gonna play her route second).

Minahara Himari - 'Childhood friend'. Well I thought she would be the very definition of word "cliché", but, oh well, she kinda surprised me in a good way. She and protag. grew somewhat distant and now feeling awkward toward each other, as for what it goes to overcome this border I`m rather interested in how they gonna break it (gonna play her route third).

Mochizuki Rina - Ohhhh... she`s just perfect! I don`t know if i should go into all details, but men always pick their 'best girl' right away.
Personality wise - funny, kind, sometimes jealous, sometimes adorable AF. Certainly a wife material, and she obviously has the best interactions with MC. (wanted to save her for the last, but my temptations took the best of me, right now I`m in her route and ohhh, well... no regrets).

Sawatari Misaki - 🤔誰だ それ? She didn`t appear in the common route, so I think she`s somewhat a 'bonus' heroine or I can be wrong (saved her for the last, mb she`s worth it, idk tho).
#2 by freestyle80
2018-04-04 at 06:19
< report >Misaki for me is the best, she is just plain adorable, i never knew a heroine that is bad at talking would be this cute ;)

This is purely my opinion based on common route interactions and playing most of the heroine’s events though
#3 by pendelhaven
2018-04-04 at 09:21
< report >mate, mate, you're waaay too early for this
#4 by bossybear11
2018-04-07 at 10:31
< report >You know, they are very different from what you had described.

Yuzuyu have very good nature after you have at least a bit affection with her (Her blush face are so adorable at the time of confession, and from all the four heroine only she have blush face at the confession). Before you got into her route i think all her answer are nice and considerate, and she gives good advices.

Himari are a bit of spoiled child but she realise this bad habit and later at her route, try to fix it. She is trying to avoid protagonist at first but will open up when protagonist notice it and fix the misunderstanding.

Rina are playful, easy to talk and share the same hobbies with the protagonist so of course her route are playful and had no conflict (Well she had conflict on her route but i'll not spoil it), I think she is the easiest because there is really no bad blood with the protagonist.

Misaki are not extra and her route are a proper route, she's a bit taciturn (little talk) at first but eventually she have good chemistry with the protagonist and talk more. She has the most face expression because of her taciturn nature and it's really cute.

Pesonally, I can't decide which is the best girl after seeing all of their ending. 4 of the girls are the best with their own charateristic and personality and i like them equally. All four of them have very good ending and very good epilogue. If i have to pick one then it's Yuzuyu.

The best of this game is that you can change your girls hairstyle when you in relationship (and it will stay until the ending even epilogue). I'm weak for girls with long free hair and yuzuyu, himari, and rina can change to this hairstyle. Misaki already have long black straight hair so the option on her relationship only to change her dates clothes.

But i can say the least route i like is himari route. I dont like the route not because of the girl, but because the act of the protagonist on her route are very childish and become more mature only at the end of her route (so long and tiring reading protagonist antic at her route).Last modified on 2018-04-07 at 13:43
#5 by ratratrat098
2018-04-08 at 00:15
< report >Yuzuyu is deceiving at first because of her classic Tsundere personality but once you get into her route, she becomes the clingiest among the girls.
She's in fact insecure but also considerate and very loyal to the MC. She actually reveals that she wasn't a bitch before and some past events only led her to lose trust to anyone . I think the whole point of her route is to make her open up to everyone. She and Misaki were my favorites actually.

Rina is playful, genki and a bit tomboyish. She's appear perfect but she's actually scared of a lot things and very lonely. Her route actually touched me the most because her parents ignores her which makes her lonely, hence she is searching for someone who would make her their top priority. She's reasonably cute in her route.

Himari was MC childhood friend. That was initially a plus for me but as I progress through her route, I find her less appealing (she's still great but less appealing thanothers). She's spoiled and very controlling in her route. Her friend topics are also deceiving with random landmines here and there, making it hard to navigate through it without savescum. Although I appreciate her because she's actually more mature than you expect (like giving up MC so he can get male friends).She actually cares about MC whether in her own or other's routes. I think Himari is the closest to MC compared to the other girls in their own respective routes.

Misaki was the dark horse(?) in the game. The mystery part about her friend stage is deceiving and made me want to take her route last. She is hard to approach, because I was made to believe she's actually a rich girl with VIP parents. She is actually none of that. She is just a normal airhead Yamato Nadeshiko. Turns out she's the cutest girl in the game (equally as cute as Yuzuyu in her route). She's adorable in her friend stage. I find her topics very easy. She doesn't talk much but I can see that she enjoys talking with MC the most. She's also the most compatible with MC, even riding on his weird jokes. Also she's also very naive but actually stubborn.Last modified on 2018-04-08 at 00:21
#6 by nightwish2
2019-09-25 at 17:02
< report >Misaki and Yuzuyu were too cute, out of the chart.
#7 by kurosakijin
2019-10-25 at 16:59
< report >Misaki can be weird sometimes, but I like her.
#8 by kurosakijin
2019-10-25 at 16:59
< report >Misaki reminds me of Komi-san in manga
#9 by thefimdoing
2019-11-09 at 00:10
< report >I really enjoyed every route. Himari route is the most interesting, but Yuzuyu is the best girl imo. And I don't even like tsunderes.
#10 by hafidzvn
2019-12-25 at 04:47
< report >the best thing about rina is how she lives alone, and the intense ecchi scene when approaching the ending, honestly it's exciting compared to the others, oh, and also don't forget about misaki hairjob, it's a fresh new fetish (only if you're into it of course) but it can also be possibly really exciting
#11 by infinity-desu
2020-07-25 at 06:02
< report >monchoppi best
#12 by omikron
2020-07-28 at 20:22
< report >Yuzuyu for me. She encourages the protagonist, which doesn't happen too often, at least not in the VNs I've read so far.
But I felt like she was the only one out the 4 heroines that did that.
Apart from that, I just enjoyed her the most in every other aspect.
Still, Rina is a very close second.
Himari third.
Misaki fourth.

Even though I like all 4 very, very much and enjoyed every route. Yet, if I had to rank them it would be like written above.
#13 by zakashi
2020-07-28 at 20:30
< report >I don't remember much about this, but I voted for Rina, since Himari doesn't have a personality of my taste and misaki was a disappointment, especially because the game kept hiding her until her route, so I thought she would be main dish, but meh.
#14 by tows
2020-11-19 at 14:18
< report >Finally got this VN and read all the routes. Will share my opinion as well.

Yuzuyu: honestly, I have hots for tsunderes, so I low-key expected her to become my favourite, but alas. The moment you get into her route, all her antics I found adorable in her simply ceased to be, like they weren't even there in the first place. You can't just get rid of your second persona after a single confession, it's not how that works. The whole story became a tiny bit too mellow, that's a shame.

Rina: same thing. The best girl, before you get into her route. No fun conversations, no goofing around, no usual antics, lovey-dovey stuff only and not really an interesting kind. Quite disappointing.

Misaki: quite adorable at times, some character development is in there, but she simply doesn't exist outside of her route so it's hard to get to attached to her, compared to the other gals. Feels like her route was supposed to be just a bonus story. Not bad, but not good either.

Himari: honestly, not a fan of a childhood friend archetype, but she happened to surprise me quite a bit. In short, unlike other heroines, I actually felt some sense of progression with her. She openly declares in the earliest events that she had a crush on the MC, but the flames gradually died out as they both grew up in separation, and you can kinda notice that in her speech or actions, so the moment when they finally come together feels so much sweeter.

Quite a bit of character development compared to other heroines, and her character is not just about "Aaaaaw, I wuv u OwO", but she feels more... realistic, I think? Like when she tries to get back at protag for all the teasing, or her motivation for choosing to cut off all connections with him for all those years, etc.

Her route was quite satisfying to read, from the beginning to the end. Himari won the title of the best girl fair and square.
#15 by fragyeeter
2021-07-21 at 16:20
< report >>spend some time apart
>her love actually dies to movies and shit
>doesn't even bother trying to get to know you again when you reunite

Himari is hot garbage.Last modified on 2021-07-21 at 16:22


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