Opinion about the swear words.

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#26 by [deleted]
2018-08-06 at 21:52
i wouldnt put it past you, meme man
#27 by luther
2018-09-12 at 20:05
Not surprised that there are so many defenders of this "meme" translation given that we are living in the maymay age.
#28 by stormwolf
2019-02-24 at 02:22
#27 i grew up when "lol" "ftw" etcetc became a thing, yet i would never want those words implemented anywhere other than shit talk over the intrrnet. Well, humanity becomrs worse for each generation.
#29 by molok
2019-02-24 at 14:55
yeah translation choices have everything to do with the current state of humanity
#30 by bobjr2000
2019-02-24 at 16:47
We need to send arnold back to past to save our future.
#31 by stormwolf
2019-02-24 at 17:15
#29 certainly does when you see how much praise such stuff gets from younger people. They love it. Fureraba is a excellent example of what i'm talking about.
#32 by erohatasensei
2019-02-24 at 19:55
It's objectively wrong because girls cannot swear.
#33 by kratoscar2008
2019-02-24 at 20:37
Seems like you havent read Eiyuu Senki and read ywain's lines.
#34 by molok
2019-02-24 at 22:50
#31 it's not
#35 by stormwolf
2019-03-07 at 14:38
#34 it is.
#36 by molok
2019-08-10 at 11:50
#35 it definitely isn't


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