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#1 by moshino
2018-04-15 at 11:54
I downloaded the game from the website and whenever there comes and H scene it just shows like the first few lines and then skips it entirely.
I've been wondering about buying the game because the story is nice and artwork suits my tastes but is skipping these scenes in steam version too or is it just because it's downloaded?
#2 by harp
2018-04-15 at 13:13
I don't know which version you downloaded really.
The trial?
Regardless, if you purchase the steam version, there'll be no adult content unless you apply the patch.
The full, 18+ version is also available from places such as nutaku and mangagamer, so if you'd prefer buying the 18+ version that's an option.

Now in regards to the length of the erotic scenes, since I haven't purchased the game idk if that is because it's a trial or if they've made it as such. Both are to some degree probable, but if it feels short to the degree that the scene is skipped partway though, the former is quite likely.
#3 by moshino
2018-04-15 at 13:59
Thanks for the answer. I'll try asking the publisher yet and see what they'll answer me.


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