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#1 by inuyasha8888
2018-04-16 at 09:12
Hey I don't know if its just me but aren't we able to filter out blacklisted novels in visual novel search?
If so I am getting an error because when I go to save the visualnovelfilter : mylist : blacklist, filter it won't save or apply that filter.

I can apply other filters like language or length but when I try to filter my blacklist the filter won't let me. Thanks for any help.
#2 by yorhel
2018-04-16 at 09:14
Hmm, That's kind-of a UI fail.

You have to click on "Exclude VNs on my blacklist", not just the checkbox next to it.
#3 by inuyasha8888
2018-04-16 at 09:22
Thanks for the help. I managed to get it to work by hitting reset and then starting over. Sorry for the trouble.


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