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#1 by x3h0n
2018-04-16 at 12:44
When I fist got into this series I never imagined that it would be this good and now I'm kinda interested in the source material as well. I heard that the novel was never really finished. So are the vol. 3 endings original or did the novel actually have them like this as well? It would seem to me that a incomplete novel would just end in the underground rail station at the last choice.

Also, did Makiura drop off the radar in the Novel like this as well? Are there any other significant differences in the Novel vs the VN?
#2 by alexlung
2018-04-26 at 16:32
The VN follows literally every dialogue the novel has to offer.

i can literally understand everything while changing to the novel, then to the light novel back and forth.

it added several new things as well like the route to the zombie girl ending etc

the novel is not complete, the authorl has already started to work on the 4th

its a shame no one is willing to pick this up for English since its so short and quite easy to translate since you can use the light novel (English) as material and literally play the First game while understands everything

its following extremely closely if not the same as the Novel, i enjoyed reading it.

the English translation however only seems to cover up to 36 ch so far, so that only covers the first game, and a pity since the Translator dropped it

the last chapter i read on which is 60 Mitsuki stays next to MC and says she will stay on his side and it ends. its the same as in the Novel

Makiura also disappears the radar after the MC sudden turn of xx. you know what im talking about. im kinda sad she was never mention nor did she appear on the safehouse over the mountains
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#3 by deletingvirus
2018-07-28 at 08:46
Good news is the VN is getting picked up for an English translation.
#4 by rick12
2018-09-20 at 21:19
#2 Wait, what happened to Makiura? MC's sudden turn of xx? What's that?
#5 by shiruthecat
2018-09-25 at 22:39
#4 They're probably referring to when MC (Yuusuke) gets bitten and his bite is seen by the other humans. Makiura and Mitsuki sees his injury as well. Makiura is in shock and doesn't know what to do. Mitsuki calls out to Makiura to stop the others from restraining Yuusuke but Makiura doesn't move and remains silent. Makiura doesn't make an appearance anymore after this commotion. As for what Mitsuki did...

She fires a shot with the gun that Yuusuke gave her and tells everyone to move aside. Everyone thinks she's crazy as she secludes herself in a room with Yuusuke along with her little brother and the other little girl.

I finished reading Vol. 3 just yesterday, I'm really looking forward to the author's next work.
#6 by aleisster
2019-02-03 at 06:06
the novel is not complete, the authorl has already started to work on the 4th
Where did you read it?
#7 by rick12
2019-09-02 at 00:40
#5 So, how did this VN (Vol. 3) end? Mitsuki stays with Yuusuke or something like that? Also, Makiura, she just disappears completely after Yuusuke is bitten?
#8 by freshift
2019-09-02 at 16:47
Technically no. And no.Last modified on 2019-09-02 at 16:47
#9 by rick12
2019-09-08 at 14:31
@8 Wait, so what did you mean by your answers? Are you saying that this VN ends differently? I thought it covered the webnovel right up to chapter 60? What's different?
#10 by freshift
2019-09-08 at 20:53
No, it's just that the VN progressed beyond the chapter 60. If you insist for spoilers, I said technically no to the first question because it's Yusuke staying with Mizuki and not the other way around. I answered no to the second question because Makiura follows the refugee group to the new camp and settles there, as Yusuke notices her presence in 3's ending chapter. She keeps silent about everything and that's all.
#11 by puu
2019-09-11 at 13:53
some people said the vol.3 will be this winter ... MAYBE.

i read until end vol.3 in japanese im still learning japanese words. still have a question... both makiura and mitsuki is hostage and raped, the question is are they being fuck (sex) or just touch and undressing. (I hate NTR btw)

yes i know makiura not visible after she saw yusuke bitten then survive from the bite AGAIN, i just hope that makiura surprise and asking "how the fuck you survive" then yusuke said "plot armor?"

vol.4 is building a village??Last modified on 2019-09-12 at 13:48
#12 by rick12
2019-09-15 at 20:05
@10 I see, that makes a good amount of sense. We do know that Vol. 3 here ends on open endings, meaning that there must be more to this (basically a sequel hook). There has to be a Vol. 4 in the works. Sure, as you said, this VN goes beyond chapter 60, but there could be more. The WN (the source) is still ongoing, so there could be more to come.


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