Unlockable routes?

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#1 by leery
2018-04-16 at 14:36

So I noticed we're in disagreement about one tag in True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~ and it kind of delved into passive-aggressive territory.


1) You cast four tag votes for the VN, each at +2.
2) I disagreed on one of them (Unlockable Routes), so I voted it -2 (I wasn't sure enough for a -3)
3) You saw this, and recast your tag vote as +3.

Now, the logical approach for me would be to recast my disagreement as -3, but instead, I'm asking, what event in the game are you referring to with the tag?

(Incidentally, I don't think it is a Simulation Game but didn't care enough to downvote it...)
#2 by seniorblitz
2018-04-16 at 18:35
Oh hello, I mainly Tagged It as unlockable Routes, since I Read about It on TV tropes that you can unlock routes by doing specific things, and since the description on the tag implies that UR doesn't need to be tied to an Enforced Playing Order "(...) By reaching a point in the game" I thought It would apply.
I also adde Sim. Game since It hás the Dating Simulation tag to It.Last modified on 2018-04-16 at 18:36
#3 by leery
2018-04-17 at 04:57
That's kind of vague.

Anyway, all Dating Sims are SLGs but since the Dating Simulation tag is a child tag of Simulation Game, it is not necessary to tag it a Simulation Game too.

(Sometimes tagging the game with both tags is justified. My rule for it is: if the protagonist's attributes are all relevant to your dating performance, it is a Dating Sim. If some of them aren't, it can be tagged both.)
#4 by seniorblitz
2018-04-17 at 10:13
Here's the page in question: link
Quoting: "In the case of True Love Junai Monogatari, you might also lose out very easily on Ryoko Shimazaki because, unlike the other girls, you need to unlock and follow a very precise chain of events and encounters (instead of rising one or two parameters), and the first two are really easy to miss... Additionally, one of the girls (Yumi-sensei) won't have her path unlocked unless you pursue another first (Mayumi). Not to mention, there's one girl who isn't even human ( the aforementioned Anze ) and as said above her path can't be unlocked unless you have a certain item which is very expensive and is sold only in July"
Só basically, from that quote I assumed that the game had unlockable routes, even with they weren't tied to an enforced playing order and It fit the "by reaching a certain point in the game." Part of the Unlockable Routes tags description.
And about the Sim tag, I don't If It would fully apply, since, I didn't play the VN yet and only used It since It had the Dating Sim. TAG to It.


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