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#1 by kirumo
2018-04-16 at 14:55
I love Euphoria it's my favorite visual novel,
mostly because of the captivating atmosphere and fantastic story.
I have searched for similar visual novels, but to no avail.
So I would be very happy if anyone can help me with that quest.
#2 by harp
2018-04-16 at 15:22
Not that I could be of much help due to that I am yet to finish Euphoria, nor have I played enough titles to say "this is a dead ringer for Euphoria", so I'm actually pretty useless here. Yet, I'll ask you to provide more details.
A captivating atmosphere can be Dies irae just as well as it can be Karakara. What made the atmosphere captivating to you?
If It's the music, you can look at the composer, if it's the writing you can look at the writers and so on.

Fantastic story can also be many things. If you want something similar you can look at the tags and think of the stuff that made Euphoria special, then filter by genre.

Not that I've played particularly many of Clock-Up's titles, but seeing as Maggot Baits is essentially what Euphoria was supposed to be you could try that.
Fraternite and yourou might be interesting.
You could also try the stuff link makes.
It's been a few months since I tried some of their trials, but the atmosphere was pretty good to me.
Kuroinu is also an option, the writing should be pretty good from what I've heard.Last modified on 2018-04-16 at 15:25
#3 by loctar87
2018-04-17 at 01:48
Euphoria is kind of odd because it has lots of dark shock material but also has a serious story to go with it. Not many games match that description in the English world and I see you already have a number of the darker translated VNs on you list, so I don't have any perfect recommendations.

If you just want a good story, try Umineko no Naku Koro ni. It's slow moving and it's not much like Euphoria at all, but it really should be on your list if you're looking for VNs with a "captivating atmosphere and fantastic story".

On the other hand, if you're just saying you like the story to cover up that you like games where the women get abused, go for Mashou no Nie, or maybe Marunomi if that's not enough and you want to hunt lolis.Last modified on 2018-04-17 at 01:50
#4 by [deleted]
2018-04-17 at 02:35
I/O reminds me a bit of euphoria tone-wise, and Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ is always a good recommendation; it also has a genre shift, darker H-scenes, and a deeper story.

If you're just looking for H-scenes that are as dark as they come, then Black Lilith should be right up your alley. Their stories are usually generic and kinda nonsensical, but the H is on-point.
#5 by kirumo
2018-04-18 at 03:22
Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions, I will try them all.

What made the atmosphere captivating to you?
It felt like the perfect combination between the music/sounds, writing and graphics.
I can't explain it. It's like at Clock-Up they had a picture of me and they said :
"Let's make the perfect novel for that man"

if you're just saying you like the story to cover up that you like games where the women get abused
I like games that contain abuse, but I genuinely like the story too. I came for the abuse and I stayed for the story.
Euphoria was one of the first novels that I ever played and I didn't know anything about it back then. When I started it for the first time I was expecting a dark nukige with a little or no story.
It came as a shock to me a few hours later when I found that I had been very immersed in the story and that I loved Nemu and Rinne to the point that I couldn't even fap to them.Last modified on 2018-04-18 at 03:24
#6 by loctar87
2018-04-18 at 04:14
@5 I was joking a bit on the last line. Mashou no Nie is just a dark nukige without any real story. Marunomi surprising actually does have have a significant amount of real story, but obviously the loli-hunting monster game isn't for everyone.

Another dark translated VN with story: Corpse Party BloodCovered Again it's not much like Euphoria, but there's not much that is.
#7 by harp
2018-04-18 at 11:37
I may not be able to understand loving someone, but I do understand the sentiment of a VN that is a perfect match.
Kara no Shoujo is and remains not only my favourite novel, but also the one that has helped me the most as a person.
So yeah, if you want, try that I guess. (Might not be your thing, but there's a trial available.)

Yeah, I totally forgot about Corpse Party. Those might be good for you. (I've only played the one linked.)
#8 by thou
2018-04-18 at 11:51
you can choose Izumi Ban'ya
linkLast modified on 2018-04-18 at 11:53
#9 by nemutrice
2019-04-12 at 20:25
It’s a BL game but Euphoria reminded me a bit of Masquerade. Group of kids/teacher forced to go through sadistic sex games as hostages, then when you get to the true end you can’t put it down. I greatly prefer Euphoria though.
#10 by sakurakoi
2019-04-12 at 20:45
but also the one that has helped me the most as a person.
Every time I read a sentence like this, literary...
never do I read actually anymore, as if people do not like to share a "message" they rate so highly, very odd.
#11 by inninguyen
2019-09-11 at 17:36
I think Kara no Shoujo 1&2 are quite good choices. Good story? Check. Captivating atmosphere? You will see yourself living in a world of madness, obsession and despair.


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