About the 3rd day loop

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#1 by bless3201
2018-04-18 at 06:12
I downloaded the game quite late so i also quite late for noticing that KEY itself officially claims that they are placing bugs where your gameplay "endlessly loops in 3rd day" if you're not installing it properly with disk(technically the company's strategy fighting piracy).

So is there any other way out or should i properly buy the game itself to play?
#2 by phantasm
2018-04-18 at 06:43
I downloaded and played fine without any problem. Didn't encounter your so called "endlessly loops in 3rd day".
#3 by bless3201
2018-04-18 at 06:45
So you basically downloaded it and installed it normally or is there any kind of trick needed?
#4 by phantasm
2018-04-18 at 10:51
I don't remember it exactly(I played this in 2015) but I think I just installed it normally and applied the crack.
#5 by harp
2018-04-18 at 15:48
I bought it back in 2017. I guess it's good to know that I might need to crack it, since I have it on disc I should be safe though.

Admittedly this sorta makes me more interested in checking it out.

Should the problem persist, I'd recommend contacting DMM support since the digital version is exclusive to them.Last modified on 2018-04-18 at 15:50


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