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#26 by araya
2011-09-17 at 09:40
It is but not edited or QCed.
It should be readable though
#27 by delirius
2011-09-23 at 09:32
Anyone reading it, how is the translation now? Worth reading or better wait till they edit it? Are therr many untranslated images?
#28 by usagi
2011-09-23 at 12:38
Translation is good and easily readable (personally, I don't see any need in editing at all.. well, maybe i'm not that picky). Tips (glossary) aren't translated though (and there are many of them.. more than 200). But story is fully understandable even without them (just like it was in Chaos;Head). About images.. honestly, I didn't pay attention to that 0_0 Well, even if there are many untranslated ones -- it doesn't affect the game much. Just don't forget after all patches to install latest version of scripts (nss.npa) and exe link -- afaik, early builds suffered from bugs and crushes (but now there are people who fully finished the game -- so all critical bugs fixed).Last modified on 2011-09-23 at 12:56
#29 by delirius
2011-09-23 at 16:38
Cool, thx. I'll propably start it today, didn't read a serious VN since MLA 3 months ago
#30 by usasoldiern
2011-09-23 at 23:02
Didn't want to make another thread for this simple question so I'll ask here. Does anyone know of an English walkthrough? Considering this hasn't been translated very long, there probably isn't one yet but I just thought I'd ask in case.
#31 by kei-tr
2012-07-21 at 12:48
Are they going to release a patch contains tips (glossary) translations as well? I mean they are still working on it or not? I am started it yesterday and read it around first 15-20 minutes but i encounter 4-5 of them already. So if they are working on it i can wait a little more but if not i am going to continue.
#32 by chipp12
2012-07-22 at 17:07
linkLast modified on 2012-07-22 at 17:08
#33 by overmage
2012-07-22 at 18:06
#31 there already is a patch that does that.


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#34 by lolzkidudz
2012-08-04 at 15:53
^ Does that patch is the most recent one? The patch that I've played has a bug that crashes on the epilogue so I have to resort watching the final episode of the anime.

P.S.: That link is broken.


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