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#301 by historyeraser
2021-09-02 at 23:39
< report >Silver Jiken

"So he was pretty much like a fag, huh? Wow, what a lucky dude."

"I feel like digging these holes helped us grow."


"What the fuck is up with the end of the millennium, huh? Jesus Christ!"

Silver Jiken 25 Ku

"If I keep reporting to you, are you gonna give me a cushy-ass administrator's desk job and support my extravagant lifestyle or some shit?"

"'Jabroni' sounds like a pro wrestling term."

"Oh, that's Phoenix Wright!"Last modified on 2021-09-03 at 14:08
#302 by what-if17
2021-09-11 at 15:15
< report >From link

"you smell like vanilla... This slut is trying to be sexy. Just blow up already..."
#303 by Mutsuki
2021-09-12 at 19:27
< report >Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon- [praise be to prof arach for being an absolute legend]
「えー! 飲んでないわよ! アタシいつも真剣だもーん! と言いたいところだけど、実はハイなの、すごくハイ。」
"Huh!? I haven't been drinking! I'm always seri~ous!... is what I'd like to say, but truth is I'm high. Like, really high."

「局地的な地震起こしちゃう。 だってほら、 もう体のバイブスマックスだし!」
"I'm gonna cause an earthquake 'round here. 'Cause you see, my body's vibrator is now on max!"

「チキン? わたし、なんで鳥?」
"Chicken? Why would I be a bird?"

「こんにちは、 バッドエンド界のソメリエクイーイン、 セクシーすぎて本編出禁になった、ネコアルクです。」
"Hello, it's me, Neco-Arc, the sommelier queen of the bad end industry who was so sexy that she got banned from appearing in the main story."

「アレと言えばアレです。 あるでしょう。 兄さんのズボンにも。 若者の象徴のような汚らわしいアレが。」
"When I say 'that', I could only mean 'that'. You have one in your trousers too, right, Nii-san? 'That' filthy symbol of youths."

We had kept calling each other 'idiot' until the word lost all meaning.

Kohaku-san really must have taken a liking to the butter cake, because she's stroking the snack packet like it's some kind of treasure.

also idk if it's in under the original tsukihime but in case it's not i think that definitely we should put in
"Well then, pleased to meet you Shiki. I'm gonna have you take responsibility for killing me, okay?"
and before anyone goes boo hoo spoilers, this line is literally on the back of the original game's case. you would read it before you even played the game.Last modified on 2021-09-17 at 00:27
#304 by spids
2021-09-13 at 08:29
< report >From link

"This is the delusion you wished for."

"It wasn't anything simple like hypnosis or super speed. I experienced a part of something much more terrifying."
#305 by NaioHoras
2021-09-16 at 13:54
< report >Gachi Otome Quintet
"I've got a traumatic experience working as a Santa. When I sneaked in to place my presents, I accidentally saw the residents having sex"

Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai
"Saori-san, if Onii-chan does 108 techniques to make you pregnant, what would you do?"

Unjou no Fairy Tale
"Being elected for the 37th times in a row does not sound like a very healthy democracy."Last modified on 2021-09-16 at 14:20
#306 by Ezezin
2021-09-28 at 00:05
< report >Dai Gyakuten Saiban -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken- (Image)
"Tea! Someone bring English tea! In England, no discussions take place without tea!"

Gimai - Hitomi
"What?! You're mean. A virgin has lust too. Don't take virgins lightly."

1room -Iede Shoujo-
"You want me to learn from it... for the next time we have sex? Ugh, what kind of convoluted fetish is this?!"Last modified on 2021-09-30 at 19:12
#307 by historyeraser
2021-10-02 at 10:13
< report >Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~

"The two of us are pretty strong, too. If we have a bamboo sword, at least."

"But this book has 'Cunt' written on it."Last modified on 2021-10-02 at 10:13
#308 by historyeraser
2021-10-17 at 20:35
< report >Homestuck (All misspells and other English fuckups are intentional FYI)

"you dont ask about mayo thats not what you do with mayo"

"This is exactly why babies should not be allowed to dual-wield flintlock pistols."

"also fred savage has a really punchable face"

"It begins to dawn on you that everything you just did may have been a colossal waste of time."


"i could give myself a hernia trying to be as big a douche as that guy"

"C4N 1 L1CK TH3 P41NT1NGS?"
#309 by what-if17
2021-11-10 at 01:17
< report >From link

"Music will save the world! Fuck yeah!"

"Why are people with red eyes constantly popping up? The internet is too scary!"Last modified on 2021-11-14 at 23:24
#310 by slashslayer
2021-11-10 at 16:08
< report >Dies Irae
Me, come at you? Give me a fucking break. You're the one who needs to crawl out of the gutter and come at me, shithead.

How come I'm not the protagonist? This casting choice sucks.

Wait for me over there. I'll send you to a Valhalla you'll never return from!!

Fate/stay night

It's not 'Can you keep up with me?'. YOU KEEP UP WITH ME!

I don't mind losing against someone, but there's no way I'll lose against myself!

Go forward. Why am I here? Keep going forward. For what am I here? Go to the other side. Why am I fighting? Pass through the wind and move forward.

Gyakuten Kenji 2

I'll...walk in the path I belive in. I won't be stopped!

Dai Gyakuten Saiban

I will stop at nothing to protect my client! I don't care who I make an enemy of!
#311 by Ileca
2021-11-11 at 21:34
< report >NG
Who knows when I'll get a love scene with the headless horseman or the boogie man.

Ren'ai, Karichaimashita
You and Emi-chan went shopping together all alone...? That's already basically sex!

Milaesegyeui Maeng-in
Boy, do you know how little I fear the word malpractice?

Princess Lover!
I see that you have given up on trying to remember my name.
What kind of face is a Tanaka face?
Seika-sama has identified you as Tanaka... It is therefore your duty to change your name to Tanaka Funyatarou or something.
今年こそは! 今年こそは私も貞淑なるA型女性のお手を拝借するのです。堂々と舞踏会に居場所を得るのです!!
This year! This year, I will also borrow the hand of a chaste woman with an A blood type. I will earn my place at this ball without reserve!!
Forgive me, Yuu-san. What I unloaded last night has already finished being replenished.Last modified on 2021-11-14 at 03:20
#312 by what-if17
2021-11-12 at 22:51
< report >From link

"Are you like an eroge hero who suddenly acts like a sadistic old perv once the sex scene starts!? I get it"

"Apologize! Y-You need to apologize to the 120 million lolicons nationwide!"

"Of course we should cheat, SMH"Last modified on 2021-11-12 at 23:26
#313 by ktoromto
2021-11-13 at 22:54
< report >Dangerous! Too Sweet!! "And yes, I am interested in guys who look like maniacs and I'm not ashamed of that."
#314 by Mutsuki
2021-11-14 at 02:46
< report >#311, you misspelt tanaka on that 6th quote
#315 by kuriyamakei
2021-11-18 at 15:20
< report >"Moral of the story: Make sex friends with a friend of a friend, and in the end, it will bite you in the rear end."

From Ren'ai, Karichaimashita.
#316 by slashslayer
2021-11-18 at 16:01
< report >
Hee... hee, hee... heehee... uehee... haha... ahyah... (not sure, I mean, it is supposed to be a very creepy laughing)
What is between brackets was my personal commentary lmao. I wasn't sure you would accept it because it's just a "very creepy laughing".
i can testify that this quote still has the brackets
#317 by Widowan
2021-12-14 at 02:09
< report >"H-He planted his seed in me! This man planted his seed in me!!"

From Princess Evangile
#318 by urmom
2022-01-17 at 19:46
< report >"Absolutely not! I'll fuck a lot of things, but a chair is too far!"

From Object Wank
#319 by Ileca
2022-01-17 at 19:52
< report >Dude, believe in yourself. You can do it. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair. A chair is nuthing.
See, some manages to do it just fine.

Edit: pls add my screenshot as a quote. We need the chair quote.Last modified on 2022-01-17 at 21:19
#320 by Ileca
2022-01-25 at 05:20
< report >Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York
Just like every cultured person, I think the only good Englishman is a dead Englishman. <-- spoken like a cultured person indeed
He takes you for a total bozo who's about as effective at converting people as a documentary about pedophilia in the Catholic Church. He's just too kind to say it out loud. <-- truth again
But just to make sure... vaccines are okay? <-- yes they are
If missionaries learned their methods from pick-up artists, they would all be like this guy.
Motherfucker, you ain't Catholic. You're just a weirdo cosplayer. <-- yeah, all the good jokes are about Catholics, don't ask me why
What are you talking about? That would be -reasonable-. I don't do that. <-- someone tell them italic exists
YOU FUCKINGGG PSYCHO! YOU FUCKING... PSYCHOTIC BITCH! <-- absolute best moment of this game

<-- This is a personal comment. Please, don't append them to the quotes, Yorhel. I hope you removed my personal comment from the Sakura no Mori † Dreamers' quote you added... -->
#321 by hikagura
2022-03-08 at 18:53
< report >from link
I Just... I just thought that I could become a normie if I had bigger boobs!
#322 by hikagura
2022-03-20 at 10:18
< report >"You don't need to know how to swing to get through life, so whatever. Also, a little bit of clumsiness makes me cuter."

Our World is EndedLast modified on 2022-03-20 at 10:20
#323 by forever-here
2022-03-23 at 12:51
< report >Alex made a mental note: even girls sweat.

Evenicle 2
#324 by hikagura
2022-03-27 at 16:18
< report >"You're not a proper game developer until you have crossdressed at least once!"

Our World is EndedLast modified on 2022-03-27 at 16:18
#325 by Ileca
2022-04-02 at 02:00
< report >Sorceress * Alive! ~the World's End Fallen Star~
"My name is LiLi Lil Lilli Linda Litter Lauria Lindria Bullitnia desu wa!"

ShiroKuro Iede Gyaru - Tomete Kuretara Nandemo Suru yo ♥
"As long as there is enough place to be able to have sex, there is no problem. ♥"

Seventh Coat
"I-I can't believe it... A shut-in neet with a girlfriend... That's enough to tear the fabric of existence..."Last modified on 2022-04-02 at 03:54