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#1 by bobjr2000
2018-04-23 at 22:14
I know it says sequel but this is pretty much a rm imo with just a new character. They have some new stuff add but overall the story is very much same even with same lines and scenes word for word.
I got all 3 of them at once because thought it was going to be a series progressing over time. I struggled to get through common route and main because just felt like same story just told differently. Anyone played this before rec I finish or should I just move on to the third one. I imagine its probably same as well but at least it will look newer.
I haven't played all the routes so maybe they changed them but prefer little spoiler rather than replay the same game 3 times over.
#2 by krykry
2018-10-06 at 07:40
More like alternative story, that's how it should be labeled since all three games cover the same period of time but things happening are slightly different. Same goes for tsuyokiss 3gakki.

Doesn't qualify as sequel because of overlapping time and non-continuity, and doesn't qualify as a remake because the story is different.Last modified on 2018-10-06 at 10:31
#3 by kiru
2018-10-06 at 16:19
Seeing how the first one literally advertises the second one at the end, although only in the full edition, I'm not sure if these aren't sequels. From those scenes, it looked very much like it's a sequel. Not like you'd really see that because none of the routes happened, just common.. or something like that. (edit: But the time was the second term, which is how the game is called. Unless they changed/removed that later it IS time-wise a sequel)

Regardless, you skip 2 anyway, and 3 is important because that's actually by the writer who did the rest as well. This one is rather similar, because 2 was so badly received, they just don't consider it part of the series anymore. It's kinda funny. That's why the complete collection that was released at some point didn't include it. You know, calling something complete, but skipping a whole game in it, is kinda telling a lot.Last modified on 2018-10-06 at 16:23
#4 by krykry
2018-10-07 at 00:32
Basically, Tsuyokiss and Tsuyokiss 2gakki prologues are valid, then you go Tsuyokiss 3gakki.

I would say tsuyokiss 3gakki is a complete alternative and changed how they're tagged if not for the fact that 3gakki is missing the prologue contents from the previous two. From which point the story forks.
#5 by raccooncitizen
2019-05-09 at 18:58
I have 1 question: Should I at least read the common route or/and the new character's route (Tachibana Serebu)? Before jumping into 3gakki. Maybe I should for the common route but what about Tachibana's?
#6 by bobjr2000
2019-05-10 at 02:49
If haven't played first one personal rec it as I thought it felt most unique of series and get best background of most characters that matter, it also leads up to second game as stated above.

I would say as Krykry says do prologue of 2 but can skip common. The common of 2 is different from 3 that leads up to story. So when doing prologue and common of 3 will feel different than 2.

3 has better story and everything is much better paced than rest of series so can skip heroines including Tachibana.
#7 by raccooncitizen
2019-05-10 at 16:06
There's also a "???" scenario in the 1st (FE) which covers the transfer student bit. I'm starting 3gakki. Thanks.
#8 by usuisorata
2019-05-10 at 17:45
This is more like a remake


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