Is this similar to Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road?

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#1 by darkincubo
2018-04-25 at 04:08
I'm playing Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road right now, and I'm really enjoying it. So I was thinking about giving Majikoi a go when I finish. However I read a review saying that Majikoi is more on the comedy/absurdity side (not that Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road isn't, I find it hillarious), so I'm curious.

I love the comedy in Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road (I LOL so much in some scenes), so if it's similar then great, however Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road also have some serious moments (specially in the romance portions of the game) that I like. Thus my question, since if Majikoi is all goofyness withouth any serious moments (at least in the key parts) then it might not be what I'm looking for. I mostly wanted to know what to expect so I don't get dissapointed.

Also, no tsundere? I don't see a tsundere tag, so I'm kind of worried (and dumbfounded) since I love tsunderes. There isn't seriouslly at least one? I find it hard to believe. (a comedic yandere can also do).

Also what's the begining setting? Is it an harem setting where girls try to get the attention of the protagonist until you enter an heroine route? Or is it a setting when the characters suddenly fall in love with each other? I don't really mind either of them, however it would be good to know what to expect in the begining of the game.

TO SUMMARIZE: I'm looking for a good comedy with good romance. I want to LOL, but I also want to have those "Oh! how cute!!!" moments as well.

Thanks in advance for your answers.Last modified on 2018-04-25 at 04:23
#2 by realitymaker
2018-04-25 at 04:35
If you enjoyed Tsujidou, you'll enjoy Maji Koi. They're connected in the same universe after all. They're written in the same vein: comedy and absurd martial arts antics. And yes, there are serious moments in each character's route.

There's one or two tsunderes in the first game.

Beginning setting is not quite a harem. Most of the heroines are a part of the group of friends of the protagonist. The prologue adds in the new students that'll later join into the group. Then you'll be able to choose which girl to focus on for their route.
#3 by bobjr2000
2018-04-25 at 04:45
It is more absurd in that most of fighters in game are super human compared to Tsujidou were really only a handful are.

If you like Tsujidou should like this as its pretty similar. It will have some drama but nothing too serious. At least the routes will have its own story with conflict. And overall story is good since it continues with other games that fit pretty well.

It is a little fast pace and weird with comedy at first but can get through first 2-3 hours it starts to find its pacing.

As for Tsundere the blond chick is one. But she isn't that annoying imo.

Only one person is in love with protag in beginning and they both know it. Everyone else the protag has to work to win them over in routes.

What I do like about Yamato is one he is much more aggressive than Hiroshi when it comes to relationships/sex. And overall is much more useful protagonist. He is one of the smarter characters with talent that actual helps and does make a difference in story. But like hiroshi he is not a fighter or super human like.Last modified on 2018-04-25 at 04:48
#4 by hanamidorikawa
2018-04-25 at 10:30
Majikoi is great, mainly the second game and A2 fandisc which I enjoyed a lot.

However the 1st Majukoi game didn't sit very high IMO (heroines weren't as interesting as in Junai Road except for one), and you should enjoy Junai Road while you can because I found it better.
#5 by [deleted]
2018-04-25 at 14:37
Majikoi is less romantic IMO. There were so many moments in each respective girl's route that I wished to delete half of the cast because of the lack of alone time that the MC gets with the specific girls in their own routes. I realize that it fits into the friendship theme this game has, I however prefer more romance based development.

Anyway, this is an extremely funny VN, the female cast is good (I dislike almost every guy though besides MC, they're mostly comedy relief) it also has great action scenes and the added romance, do not however expect the cutest/best romance imaginable. Some routes's romantic development really isn't that impressive.

As far as "serious" moments go, consider that this is a moege at the end of the day even if done well - serious stuff isn't THAT serious, but it should be similar to Tsuji which you like.

At the end of the day, if you like Tsuji I don't see why you wouldn't like majikoi or many other romantic VN's, majikoi especially has a much superior protagonist and a similar style to Tsuji.

I much prefer the amount of characters present in Tsuji though, much less characters overall and no unnecessary male comedy reliefs to get in the way. I play these games for the romanceable girls, not for the other chars.Last modified on 2018-04-25 at 14:39
#6 by sakurakoi
2018-04-25 at 16:01
As far as "serious" moments go, consider that this is a moege at the end of the day even if done well
You should consider to stop thinking that narrowly about "-ge", after all, obviously the label "charage" and "eroge" apply... and "kamige" ofc but just because it is not a plot-, naki- or utsuge does not make the drama not "that serious", on the contrary...

and what I actually found revolting is the forced drama many works have regardless of "-ge" and Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road was especially obvious, in the central heroines route even. Hating without a reason but with the intent to harm, yeah, right, duck off, do not dare to call yourself human. Hiroshi too was especially bad as saint for lacking empathy/understanding so much and I really did not want to dive into the other two big routes anymore. Majikoi I quite did read entirely, with the exception of the Agave route nearing the climax and some A scenarios plus the very last scenario.

To be taken serious drama first and foremost must be believable. Forcing drama is the best way to write non-serious drama, Nakige is basically set apart from normal drama by this "feature" alone, even if it just means cry-game, many normal dramas can make one cry and sure would not be considered Nakige.

Both works are similar, verily so in terms of structure but Majikoi is imho far better and I do guess now why: While the writer of Majikoi, Takahiro did plan Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road, the writer Sakaki Kasa is simply worse at writing. Now who actually pushed the decisions which forced the drama I dunno but in Majikoi I don't remember having any utterly forced drama which should not have been or could have been easily avoided by being human (which one would think is very easy to do, for humans are not flawless, but neither Hiroshi nor Maki are... their characters are too flawed to be real).

By the by, I greatly enjoyed the world of Majikoi, including male characters, much more memorable, more fun and more to write fanfic/what-if about (or just think). It felt alive and interaction between characters besides with the protagonist are very important. Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road was still better in that regard when compared to other works but welp, when the main characters are just terrible...

and no, delinquents without cause are just stupid. There is a significant difference between living how one wants, not bound by rules and tradition, and imposing their rule on others. The "justification" for attacking the festival without intending to harm anybody in the prologue is just madness, even if you own those stalls (even without having read her route, I know where Ojou's route is going...) , you still ruin it for innocent bystanders which ofc will be terrified (and harmed if they dare to resist). This is Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road in a nutshell, the lack of logic and foresight, where basically Delinquent=Hypocritical Brats. Sure, IRL that is often the case but romanticizing it by attempting to give them redeeming features? The protag mirrors the writer... well, and the other characters too.

Incidentally I still consider Tsujidou-san a good character, just in the wrong work, after all, she has every right to take up someone's challenge and did otherwise no wrong. Personally I consider myself a pacifist who lets others fight if they want to, up until hospital. I do not deny that violence can be enjoyed, it sure can make one feel alive and release stress, merely permanent damage should be avoided as well as, welp, dragging somebody into it when they do and did not want to. That's why I also consider Majikoi rather "honorable" besides some few antagonists (which are kinda excepted from this, at least they have some understandable motive)... and you will never get me to like Hume.
#7 by darkincubo
2018-04-25 at 17:52
Thanks for your replies, they were very helpful. They were also very different, which is also good. I guess it's mainly based on each people's tastes, which is fine because I can get a big picture of what Majikoi is like and I will definetly play it. Also it seems like the only thing everyone agree on is that: If I enjoy Tsujidou-san I will enjoy Majikoi. So I'm all for it.

About the protagonists I like the fact that Yamato is a more proactive and cool character than Hiroshi. I don't dislike Hiroshi, and I can see what the writter wanted to do, contrasting him with the delinquent heroines, but a less normal and more cool protagonist or one that developes into one, would have being great. Hiroshi is just too plain/normal, but with some redeeming qualities that makes him stand out from the rest of normal/plain characters. For instance, I really like his abilitty of effortlessly throwing the heroines completly out of phase without even doing anything, just being himself. This is summarize perfectly when Renna and her corps are discussing on what went wrong after the prologue and arriving at the conclusion that Hase Hiroshi is what went wrong: They all ended up playing in his hand withouth him even intending to. I thing that was pretty cool.

About seriousness. I might have not expressed myself well there. I'm not looking for a nakige at all, but I was worried that Majikoi favors the comedy too much in detriment of the romance. For a good romance to develope some serious moments are needed. I'm not looking for over dramatic tear-jecker situations, but for some situations seroius enough for the romance to develope, and have those "Oh! how cute!!!" moments from time to time. If at some point Majikoi makes me cry, then that's just a plus, but I'm not really looking for that.

If I could make an anime example, I'm looking for something like Fumoffu, I mean a good comedy with a cute romance between an adorable couple. Some comedic love triangle could be great too.

I will definetly play Majikoi as soon as I finish my first playthgouth of Tsujidou-san. I think I will be swtching between the two everytime I finish a route.Last modified on 2018-04-25 at 17:55
#8 by [deleted]
2018-04-25 at 19:04
Yeah what you're looking for is 100% present in majikoi. While I may have come across as negative in criticizing the romance, it was still relatively good. I'm just not a fan of the comedy relief characters always being on my screen whenever I just want to interact with the heroine. If I'm in a character's route, I'm there because I WANT that character, not Gakuto's stupidity or Cap's oblivious antics. Those characters don't get enough development for me to ever feel like they're needed all the time. This is worse in some routes though, not all of them.

If you've ever played persona, sometimes this honestly feels more like it. It's more about the GROUP's friendship. Some people will love that, others like me will not like it as much (I do like it better in Persona though since I don't go to those games expecting romance).

Sometimes our expectations really matter I guess. I do agree that those characters make the world feel more alive, but I don't really care sometimes when they get annoying. And I certainly don't care about any of sakurakoi's real life comparisons and how far he seems to be taking his thinking when we're literally just discussing 2 lighthearted romance comedies that don't take themselves seriously or realistically.

But yeah, hope you enjoy the ride. Since you've already decided yourself I guess I'll be out then.Last modified on 2018-04-25 at 19:06
#9 by darkincubo
2018-05-08 at 06:00
I finished my first playthrough for Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road (Tsujidou's route) and started to play Majikoi but... MAJIKOI IS MAKING ME FEEL REAL GUILTY!!!!

It was hard to decide between Chriss and Miyako, but I finally decided to go after Chriss for my first playthrough but now I'm feeling really guilty for Miyako (-_-)... Damn, maybe I should have played her route first :( but I'm a sucker for tsunderes and ojousamas, so I couldn't resist Chriss. Also my favorite part in romance is the part were the couple slowly fall for each other, so even though Miyako is really cute, that part is practically missing in her route, that was another reason I choose to go for Chriss instead. However....Ahhh!!! The guiltiness is killing me!!!! Why would they make one of the characters fall in love with the protagonist from the get go!? It's not fair!!! How could I clear the other heroines withouth feeling guilty!!!

So far Majikoi is good, but I still think Tsujidou-san is a little bit better. Even though overall, Yamato is a better character than Hiroshi, I'm still waiting for him to shine. I mean Hiroshi had a couple of moments were he really stole the show, one of them in the prologue's climax. Yamato has its moments from time to time but so far they are tame in comparisson. You could say that while Yamato has more moments, Hiroshi shines the most in the few he has. Well, we will see what happens till the end.

Maybe it's just me, but I find Tsujidou-san more funny overall, however Majikoi is not bad at all. One thing I really miss is the music. I usually don't care for the OST but the music in Tsujidou-san was amazing! I ended up being adicted to at least three of the tracks in the OST. The music in Majikoi is not bad, but not as memorable and great as in Tsujidou-san. So far there is only one track that I really like (a romantic calm and somewhat nostalgic track, I don't know its name yet).

I think I will finish Chriss's route (if the culpability lets me) and then go for Renna in Tsujidou-san (I think she is a tsundere). Then, I would probably go for Miyakou route in Majikoi.Last modified on 2018-05-08 at 06:08
#10 by gabezhul
2018-05-08 at 06:32
Fair bit of warning: while Miyako is best girl, her route is without doubt the worst in the VN. Temper your expectations accordingly.
#11 by 123xddd
2018-05-08 at 13:08
#10 how is her route on Maji S?
#12 by gabezhul
2018-05-08 at 13:56
It's not a route, just an after story, and it's just like all the other after-stories in the franchise: lots of ero, little else.
#13 by 123xddd
2018-05-08 at 14:27
#12 just how I like it ;)

But seriously thats disappointing to hear. Gonna read this next.


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