question re Mihiro's voice

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#1 by exaccuss
2018-04-27 at 04:47
Is it just me or does her voice sound really weird on her? It sounds like something you normally hear with a loli character lol.
#2 by bobjr2000
2018-04-27 at 05:04
what? they all look loli with breast implants to me so doesn't sound weird one of them would sound like a loli.
#3 by exaccuss
2018-04-27 at 05:43
Huh? the closest one to a loli would be toa, and even then not really. The breast sizes are a bit over the top lol
#4 by ichigokami
2018-06-07 at 07:57
i have that impression but thats cause i just recently finished the tsuyokiss series (cheri has the same VA but is a loli)
#5 by hollowdelusions
2018-08-13 at 04:26
I actually really enjoyed her normal speaking voice, but had to mute her in the H scenes because the voice actor started every moan in the exact same annoying way.
#6 by krykry
2018-08-13 at 07:34
It sounds all right, I've played games with ten times more displaced voices.

#5 Play 40 games with Ogura Yui, and you'll mute her even outside of H-scenes.
#7 by marantana
2018-10-06 at 17:25
#2 #3 -- All those udders in most Japanese vn are really a strike against any sense of aesthetics. Anyone who's ever seen a woman bigger than D lying on their back irl knows what I mean.

People like me, who prefer smaller sizes from A to C surely have a hard time finding vn or anime characters other than lolis to please their eyes.

On that note, Toa would be the only acceptable one here.

#1 #4 -- I find Kaoruko's voice even more annoying.
#8 by kominara
2018-10-06 at 18:12
I don't mind some cowtits occasionally, but Madosoft's artists often go too far. There's this weird balloon thing going on, and the breasts often seem to be different sizes depending on what angle you're viewing them at. Of course, there's also the omnipresent eroge trope where the heroine's breasts grow at least a cup size whenever an H-scene rolls around.

Honestly, my opinion just depends on how the breasts are drawn. I don't like Wagahigh's character designs or art in general, and the breasts don't help matters. And I get the feeling I'm not alone in that, since even people who like the game don't seem to particularly like the art and this and the fandisc are the only credits the artist has.
#9 by marantana
2018-10-06 at 21:39
Ah, good to know. I didn't look it up...
I think he often reproduces close distance wide angle shots, that might be the reason for size differences.
In most of Ashe's CGs that's quite ridiculous. Some are cute though.

In one of my favorite vns - Grisaia no Kajitsu - it's the same. discounting the loli, there's only one girl with "realistic" proportions (Michiru).

vns produced outside of Japan, especially those from Europe, seem to have a higher probability of having aesthetically appealing art. Whether that's statistically significant or not, I don't know.


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