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#26 by aquahorse
2018-05-08 at 11:33
Typed jlist.com, but it opened only jbox.com for all ages... In Opera and Microsoft Edge. Anybody have such problems as me?
#27 by aquahorse
2018-05-10 at 10:38
Already opened normally, simply I need to delete cookies and cache of Opera, maybe because of VPN, don't know why. Now works perfectly, opened jlist.com or jbox.com for all ages, before opened normally only in my smartphone.
#28 by aquahorse
2018-05-11 at 20:56
So, who knows - can I buy physical release on jlist.com at the end of May as FW already announced or not? Don't understand it. I don't find option to buy at kickstarter.com on it's page to pledge 50 dollars. Is it ended already? Also how much will it cost - 50 dollars or less? Because on kickstarter page there in Addons - Physical copy (DVD-Rom) it said 44 dollars... I don't need artbook, tapestry and other addons.

And I live in Russia, if I buy disc from Japan, even in English, can I play it freely in my DVD-Rom? Same goes for all novels from Japan, as I also plan to buy Trinoline when it will be released this July, even download edition, wait for physical release is long, I will make cover and box by myself, or maybe I will wait for it's physical release if it will be announced pretty soon, don't know about it yet.Last modified on 2018-05-11 at 21:58
#29 by bakauchuujin
2018-05-11 at 21:47
From what I understand the physical japanese edition only contains a download card. To get DVD-ROM you need to get the physical that they are selling through the kickstarter.
#30 by aquahorse
2018-05-11 at 21:57
#29, Ok, but campaign is already over or not? Can I join now or not? Don't understand it. Also how much will it be cost - 44 dollars as stated on kickstarter without delivery costs, as I suppose, or more?

Sent message there to FW, wait for reply. I think you can buy physical copy on jlist.com, not all people backed this project. Pesonally I found about it recently.Last modified on 2018-05-11 at 22:06
#31 by bakauchuujin
2018-05-11 at 22:12
The backerkit seems to be open still, though I have never ordered anything on backerkit after a kickstarter I haven't pledged for so I don't know how it works. I haven't heard anything about physical release on Jlist later, though I gues it would be likely since they have this comment on their grisaia phantom trigger KS "Making physical copies available for direct purchase after our crowdfunding campaigns are fulfilled has always and continues to be the plan - we simply haven't gotten to that point yet with any of our titles. We'll keep everyone informed about that as soon as it becomes something we're actively working on."
#32 by aquahorse
2018-05-11 at 22:47
Also they wrote about jlist on kickstarter from May 3rd: "J-List is also where you'll be able to get the standalone version of the game!" So I think it means others can buy physical copy of English uncensored release on jlist.com.
#33 by harp
2018-05-12 at 07:08
I'd recommend contacting their support, cause that can mean they intend to use Jlist's digital storefront (Jastusa.com) for the 18+ release.

I'll ship in a bit as someone that commonly backs on Backerkit. For some reason, my bank and Kickstarter don't get along, so I often end up failing my pledges, or unable to even pledge lol. Therefore Backerkit is wonderful lol.
Backerkit is pretty much your best bet due to that it's guaranteed (and who knows when they'll get to release standalone backlog on Jlist....).
Only physical thingy I've sorta received from Backerkit is the Dies irae stuff, it's been stuck in customs for almost 2 weeks. But overall, it works the same as when you add add-ons to your Kickstarter pledge.

In regards to Trinoline, provided the sales are good enough, an English physical should be possible. Should be..... Let's just hope.
#34 by aquahorse
2018-05-12 at 09:50
Thanks, harp. I already contacted jlist.com asking if release will be sold on their site. Also wrote to FW the same question. Registered on jastusa.com just in case, thanks for info. I hope Trinoline will be released this July, MangaGamer stuff personally told me this via my-emals with them. Let's hope.Last modified on 2018-05-12 at 09:51
#35 by aquahorse
2018-05-13 at 05:59
So, Front Wing replied me.

"Currently BackerKit is the only place preorders of physical copies for Momoiro Closet are available: link

This is the only place they will be available, as we currently do not plan to sell them anywhere else."

So it will be available for buying at the end of May, as they announced? Does it mean I can buy the novel there despite the campaign is already over? And not on jlist.com and jastusa.com? I also wrote to them asking that.Last modified on 2018-05-13 at 06:12
#36 by aquahorse
2018-05-14 at 11:28
Another reply from Frint Wing concerning will there be sales on jlist.com and jastusa.com. Here is their answer:

"Physical copies are only available on BackerKit.
What will be available on J-List at the end of May will be a digital-only uncensored release of the game, not physical.
If you "Pre-Order" the "Momoiro Closet Physical DVD-ROM" and "Upgrade to Registered SAL" items at link you can get a physical copy of the game and have tracking on your package.
The total cost would be $56, including shipping fees."
#37 by aquahorse
2018-05-16 at 13:50
I paid by credit card and purchased physical copy on BackerKit. So I think I wait for the end of May as FW said physical copies will be avavilable for sales at that time.


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