Best girl poll!

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#1 by molester
2018-04-27 at 22:47
I know it`s a bit early, but you know how they say that "men spot their best girl right away", so basicly here we are. Let us start then.
#2 by alexlung
2018-04-27 at 23:41
whats so good about karin and luluna monkaS
#3 by exaccuss
2018-04-28 at 00:38
Yorihime is where it's at.
#4 by alexlung
2018-04-28 at 12:35
i want a route with dora
#5 by creedhood
2018-04-28 at 20:46
I dont know which order follow >.<
#6 by periah250
2018-04-29 at 06:00
I love how yuuna has the least she is kinda boring ^^;
#7 by creedhood
2018-04-29 at 16:06
I think I will play in this order:
Karin > Yorihime > Yuuna > Juli > Luluna > Luce
#8 by suponjibabu
2018-04-29 at 17:30
When the main girl is always the famous one. smh
#9 by hanamidorikawa
2018-04-29 at 21:19
Lulu FTW
#10 by monikapunpun
2018-04-30 at 19:02
Yuuna's route was so comfty(*´▽`*)
edit. Finished!
girls: Yuuna > Karin > Luluna > Yorihime > Luce
route: Karin > Luluna> Yuuna > Yorihime >LuceLast modified on 2018-05-07 at 13:05
#11 by heroemiya
2018-05-01 at 03:31
It feels great when the main heroine is also your favorite one, my second favorite would be Luluna.
On a bonus note both their outfits were very nice.
#12 by pendelhaven
2018-05-01 at 13:42
why is Luce so popular? I can almost imagine her telling me her catch phrase and tbh it's not very... inspiring let's just say.
#13 by infamous
2018-05-02 at 03:35
i think people are kinda bored with the Osananajimi characters. that's why i think she has the least votes. i love kemonomimi's though, so my choice is obvious
#14 by pendelhaven
2018-05-02 at 10:18
If I ever see someone say he's bored with lolis he has to fight me.
#15 by bossybear11
2018-05-05 at 04:54
how come anyone dont like Yuuna, I think her route was the most pure and good, the only time MC use brain and want to work. His power even explained in her route and it was created solely for Yuuna.
#16 by suponjibabu
2018-05-05 at 16:18
Haha, nvm, Lulu is taking the lead.
#17 by hanamidorikawa
2018-05-05 at 18:06
Hahaha Lulu sailing to the top, obviously.
#18 by creedhood
2018-05-06 at 15:17
Just finished it. In my opinion:
Luluna >= Luce > Julia > Yuuna > Karin >= Yorihime
#19 by 10asd
2018-05-15 at 09:39
So little love for Julia... she was the first girl I picked and I really enjoyed her story.
#20 by veldor
2018-05-24 at 01:16
69th voter woo! lol I like Karin, but I had to break the tie. Go Lulu!
#21 by deepweb666
2018-05-28 at 16:34
So intense..
#22 by rensvin
2018-05-29 at 21:48
Go Go Karin!
#23 by zayne11293
2018-05-29 at 22:35
gotta be lulu all day
#24 by zeptha
2018-05-30 at 05:52
in order for me it goes
Karin -> Juli ->Yunna -> luce -> Yorihime -> luluna
#25 by jpo05
2018-05-30 at 10:46
hmm....overall i think karin is best followed by yorihime and luce

best route- karin and yunna (for me)

now if you ask for worst routes (hint) - i didnt mention 2 names here

well thats my opinion anyway