Best girl poll!

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#29 by miuuzick
2018-06-23 at 21:51
I had a hard time choosing between Yohirime and Luluna but my vote has to go with Luluna. She is way too adorable.
#30 by rachelalucard
2018-08-28 at 03:50
I love Luce and Luluna equally but i voted for Luce just because i love vampires more than witches to my surprise they are equally the top 2
#31 by omikron
2020-03-25 at 22:27
Luce > Karin > Yorihime = Yuuna > Juli > Luluna

Luce > Karin >= Luluna > Yorihime > Yuuna > Juli

Suggested route order:
There is none - just play in whatever order you like.
Suggestion: Play the girl's route you're most interested in last.


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