Strange solution for repeatable text.

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#1 by lalabay
2018-05-12 at 09:29
I faced with this problem and options in text settings (VNR) with "repetitions" dosent help me. But i notice it dosent help only with unread text, but work fine with readed text. So, yeah, skip everything.
Oh, and VNR dosent save this settings for some reason when you close and open it again. Well, you will probably notice this.

P.S. I dont know if this okay to start a theard with a solution to problem looks like occurred only to me. Well, whatever.Last modified on 2018-05-12 at 19:09
#2 by takamineshidou
2018-06-22 at 15:05
I have your problem as well and it's even worse. I checked the "Auto suppress repetitions". It didn't work for normal text in this VN. Then for read text, It's reduced the repetitive text to 2 times and still can not be hooked out normally. I really want to read this one but I don't know how to fix it.
#3 by lalabay
2018-07-11 at 06:13
Well that's sucks. I currently replaced vnrhook.dll and vnrhost.dll from latest ITHVNR.
ikr lol, but it's workin for me in games from SMEE.
I checked once again with this relaced files, it's workin for me atleast, but still only for readed text. I dont know if it actually can solve the problem tho.
p.s. System language Japanese. Windows 7.Last modified on 2018-07-11 at 06:19
#4 by lalabay
2018-07-11 at 06:32
Wait, "Auto suppress repetitions" from ITH settings if i remember correctly.
Anyway, i am using VNR(Visual Nover Reader) not ITH.Last modified on 2018-07-11 at 06:54
#5 by kiru
2018-07-11 at 07:29
Repetition suppression doesn't work on anything but fairly old ITH (no version 3 for sure) and AGTH. I don't know about VNR as it's not useful for what I use these for, but it sounds like it simply doesn't work there either.

What you can always try is using h-codes you may get from a newer version of ITH and use it with an older version. However ITHVNR may not be compatible with ITH without change. (ITH3->2 should work)

That said, suppressing repetition is unfortunately not the absolutely perfect solution to everything. If you need the text to look some words up, it's probably okay. If you need it without change though, that's not happening. (tl project, or the dreaded machine translation I suppose) If you mostly want to measure script size, it can be okay, if it actually fully works. (With that, you always have +- , but if there's too much random repetition the algorithm doesn't catch, it can become too much)Last modified on 2018-07-11 at 07:32
#6 by crusader325
2018-08-25 at 15:51
i use ITHVNR it works 90% of the time through there is repetition on the window of ITHVNR but not shown on TA, but the downside was rarely (10%) some lines not copied to the TA i don't Know why though...


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