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#1 by alexlung
2018-05-13 at 19:32
i doubt you would comment in there so i guess i have to post it here

you said you played it. but do you failed to see that it fits the requirements of VNDB?

the game heavily uses VN format, with massive amount of narrative here and there, tons of texts, with a driven story. how is that not a VN?

VNDB by rules allows visual novel hybrids, the texts are longer than the rpg elements itself, and comparing it to to the moon seems wrong, this has way more narrative and texts than that one

everyone on VNDB has been mentioning narrative as the most important factor, which this one heavily uses, compared to other RPGmaker games here


to the moon is an adventure game, not a visual nove no doubt. you can literally tell from just skimming here and there on this youtube video

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