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#1 by canpenbook
2018-05-13 at 23:07
Is the sexual content in the story itself or is something that unlocks after and you access it through the menu or something? I always find it lame when its just an unlockable and not in the story itself.
#2 by canpenbook
2018-05-16 at 18:59
#3 by kzel
2018-05-16 at 19:33
If I remember right, some scenes are played as the story unfolds, while others are unlocked by finishing certain scenarios. So it's a bit of both.
#4 by canpenbook
2018-05-16 at 19:55
ugh post story unlockables are lame.
#5 by canpenbook
2018-05-17 at 02:58
Do the H-scenes that you unlock supposed to happen during the story itself? If so are there at least markers for when they occurred?
#6 by kzel
2018-05-17 at 07:47
Sorry, I honestly don't remember that detail. It's been two years so... I *think* they get added to the scenario selection at the appropriate time in the timeline but I'm not sure.
#7 by canpenbook
2018-05-17 at 10:46
Thats fine. Thanks
#8 by tsukishiro
2018-07-04 at 16:58
I'm wondering about this too. Selecting the "H-scenes menu" button on the title screen didn't just unlock the scenes, but also filled the CG gallery.
Does anybody that has already cleared one or more routes know if the scenes are added naturally or if the unlock button is necessary for them?Last modified on 2018-07-04 at 18:47
#9 by vulsilah
2018-07-20 at 18:53
For Hachiroku, Paulette and Hibiki, their first H-scene unlocks in the second half of their route(there appears a message in the lower right corner), then the second one at the end of their route and you unlock the rest gradually as you play through them. For sub-heroines the first H-scene unlocks at the end of their route and the rest work the same as the main heroines. By the way except the main heroines' first H-scene, it all takes place after the story.Last modified on 2018-07-20 at 18:55
#10 by creedhood
2018-12-22 at 00:05
So the first main heroines' h-scene take place over the story, right? Does it appear during the story itself or do you have to go to H-scene menu to see it?

The rest h-scenes occurs after the routes and you have to see it on the menu. Am I right about it?


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